Round 3 Week 8 Sunday

image courtesy: Facebook Symbols and Chat Emotions
Good Morning!

This may seem arbitrary… though it’s definitely not, but today I’m trying out the “not using the linky” for sharing our posts and progress.  It’s just that I realized I need a little time to see how the process will work for us (and if there are any adjustments I need to make) before I leave and have no chance of making other arrangements,

So here it is… this IS your check-in.  Post your links or progress here in the comments or on our FB page, and let’ make this thing happen, folks.

7 thoughts on “Round 3 Week 8 Sunday

  1. For the record (and as my first non-FB check-in of the ROWnd), this week has been slow and scattered. Mostly I did editing and reading… and packing and cleaning. But there have been some new words. Slow and steady wins the race… I hope. 😉

    1. Sounds just like my week, Eden. May the coming week be better for us both. In reality, every small step we take brings us closer to a deeper story. That is my faith.

    1. Progress is good. Though we’d like to achieve our goals faster and with more free time, any progress is good progress (at least in my opinion).

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