Round 4 Check-in 10/31

Another month finished… only two more for this year, only two more to make those word count goals, to finish that short we’ve been toying with. No trick here… we know what to do. Write every day, even when our muses might be off gorging on leftover candy and some Netflix reruns…

Though today we might be taking time to indulge in festivities and sugar, we know tomorrow we write.  For some of us, it’s because November 1st is the opening of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  For others, it’s because it’s what we, as writers, do…  we write.  Whatever our reasons, we have a plan and we’re moving forward.  You have a plan and are moving forward.  You are a writer, a creator, a dreamer.

Will you have setbacks?  Sure.  But will you write? Definitely.

Because in the ROW80, we are here for each other, and we know that we have to write, have to create, have to appease the muses.  Or at least the little voices in our heads that say…



cred Alexa_Fotos via Pixabay

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11 thoughts on “Round 4 Check-in 10/31

    1. Oh, how I can relate. Well, here is to the two of us boldy setting forth, even though we know we will be facing mire, fatigue and lots of rewrites. 😀

    1. Hey, hey Shan. wanted to check your check-in, but couldn’t get to your site. All my security software went blonky (in a few webbrowsers) about the page and wouldn’t connect to it for me. Glad I was able to see you at the write-in last night and see you with your Happy Little Trees. 😀

  1. It’s all fixed. There was a minor bug in their tool, but mine was the first site “broken” long enough for them to notice it when my certificate expired and couldn’t be renewed.

    Nice to help them out, but, sheesh – nerve-wracking, too!

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