Round 4 Check-in 11/21/18

Courtesy: Clip Art Mag


Hope you’re enjoying this week and feeling comfort with your progress toward yours goals as this Round of Words starts moving into its last month of 2018.  For those of us in the US, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a time to visit with friends and family, to catch sales and parades on the telly and to overeat sweets and meats.  And hopefully those of us who ROW80 will also find plenty of inspiration for our writing.

Let is know how you are progressing, here in the comments or in our FB group.

4 thoughts on “Round 4 Check-in 11/21/18

    1. I agree… but there are a lot of people who do intend to do all those things. And, well, the parades can be fun… The Boodle like them.

      1. I like watching parades from a distance. But I don’t enjoy the feeling of being stuffed, and I’m not a fan of shopping, so I’ll happily leave those things to folks who enjoy them. =)

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