Check-in Sunday 1/6/19

Just a quick check-in for Sunday…  and a welcome to those ROWers who’ve jumped in to our challenge a bit late.  I

It’s okay.  If you’re thinking of joining us but don’t feel comfortable starting late, don’t…  don’t feel uncomfortable that is.  We’d love to have you.  Just post your goals in the comments of the new check-in (or at the goals post linky), and you’re in.  That’s all there is to it.

Well, that and writing….  This is a writing challenge after all.

And speaking of writing, for those of you who’ve been ROWing all week, how’d you do?  If you were having trouble getting started, did you find yourself procrastinating on key steps, gathering resources, cleaning, catching up with social media?  Don’t despair.  There’s research out there that says procrastinating can be good for your creativity.  You may need to spend some more time contemplating your projects and this procrastination is your brain telling you that.

You can’t procrastinate forever though.  So if you’re just having trouble getting started… maybe some of these ideas will help?

Let us know how you’re doing in the comments or in our Facebook group.


16 thoughts on “Check-in Sunday 1/6/19

    1. Huh… I wonder if the problem with the linky jumping around weird is the same one you have with seeing the new blog layout. We don’t have Macbooks here, but maybe some iPhones and Safari on those will help me test the issue.

  1. There’s nothing I enjoy more than procrastination. I have some many things I can do… later. But, since it’s the start of the round, I have been able to stay on track. Oh, but how I love it. 🙂

    1. LOL! Procrastinating just to escape work isn’t the idea here, but yes, I get it. Sometimes it’s easy to find all the other things that need to be done and do them first, because it’s so hard to start “doing” what needs to be done otherwise.

  2. This week went pretty well for the writing. There was one night I really didn’t feel like writing, but knowing I had to check in with my accountability partner got me to the computer, so a big Thank You to ROW80 and my partner!

    1. A super big Thank You to you too, Jennette. Just knowing I had to answer to you made me get my photoblog up, the linky reset, and get some words and exercise in earlier than I’d planned. Sorry I didn’t check in with you last night (it ended up being date night for us because of a surprise gift from hubby’s parents).

  3. I struggle a lot with procrastination. There’s always something else that needs done. There are errands to run, the dogs need attention, and the occasional desire to be social hits me. My biggest problem by far though is spending too much time consuming the work of others. It’s so easy to get lost in someone else’s world and then I can’t find my way back to mine. I try to set aside strict starting times and set alarms on my phone for them.

    1. There is a time to procrastinate, but it’s not all the time… I think that’s part of what hits us when we get in the procrastination habit.

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