Round 1 Wednesday Check-in 1/9/19

A Round of Words in 80 DaysHere we are in week two our 32nd Round of Words in 80 Days since Kait Nolan started this writing challenge in 2011.  We’ve gone through a few evolutions since those early days, and who knows?  Perhaps they’re be a few more in store as our community grows and changes.

The publishing world is constantly changing these days.  Why shouldn’t we as well?  For one, I imagine our idea of a book looks a lot less like those in the image above and more like the phone you’re probably reading this post on now.  🙂

One thing that continues to stay the same despite all our changes is the support and commitment to our community the ROW80 provides.  You…  you are what makes the ROW80 such a great group.

Thank You!

By the way, it’s check-in time (again! 😉 ).  How have these past few days gone for you?  Any news, problems, giggles to share?  Let us know in the comments or at our FB page.

For those of us having some trouble getting caught up (don’t know if you can see me raising my hand, but I am), here are a few techniques that may help:  How to Make Up For a Wasted Day at Work.

And for those of us who want a bit more to challenge ourselves, why not check out Flash Fiction Friday, a project started by your fellow ROWer Mike Young.

9 thoughts on “Round 1 Wednesday Check-in 1/9/19

  1. I am so pleased to be back and see the number of people on the facebook page. I had worried at once point that ROW80 may fizzle out, but it’s going great guns. Eden, you rock! Thank you for all the hard work you and the other volunteers put in.

    1. Thanks, Cate. I really couldn’t do it without Shan and Denise though. And when we had sponsors, it was a huge help too…. might be asking them to volunteer again too.

        1. It wouldn’t be until Round 2 at this point… too many changes mid-round get confusing. But if we hold at this number of people, I’ll definitely be putting the word out.

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