Round 1 Check-in 1/20/19

On Wednesday, I challenged you all to share with us an image, in the form of photo, prose….  music video (the options are only limited by your creativity) of what kind of writer you aspire to be.  There is a madness to my method here (as always).

You need to know your dream to breathe life into it.  The very word aspire implies the act of breathing, the act of living.  To aspire toward a goal (and you know how we’re all about those goals here at the ROW80) is the pinnacle of reaching toward, well, a pinnacle.  (Don’t believe me, check aspire on

I’m still trying to nail down a vision of “Writer Me”.  From our discussion a last Sunday, it seems a lot of us have a similar problem.  Something I’ve tried to consider in my own process is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for writing.  For any creating process really.  I even peeked back at this great post on the Writers in The Storm blog about How to Restore Your Love of Writing (though a lack of joy isn’t an issue at the moment).

Anyway, why not think on these things and give yourself (and the rest of us) a solid example of your dream…  thinking by our Wednesday check-in.  And don’t worry if the dream changes in a few years (weeks, days).  Just as long as you can see it, dream it…  if only for a moment.

For now, let us know how you’re doing.  Here in the comments, on our FB page, or both.

4 thoughts on “Round 1 Check-in 1/20/19

  1. While I’ve been getting a lot of stuff done lately, I don’t feel like I’ve achieved much. It’s all stuff that needs to be done, just not stuff that is filling the emotional “I’m writing” or stuff that’s my goals list…

    Well, priorities. The words (the story!) will come eventually. *crosses fingers*

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