Round 1 Check-in 2/10/19

We’re halfway there!

Well, technically, yesterday was the halfway point for this Round of Words.  That means we’re already heading to the homestretch.  Time to start think, even in just a bit here and there, about what you might want to change or try out in Round 2.

If you’re ambitious, I even put out a call for Round 2 Sponsors this past Wednesday. 😉

Today though I want to ask you all about time.  How much time are you all spending on your writing?  Do you think it’s enough, not enough….  too much and it’s begun to take over your life?

I can hope you’ve found a sweet spot (I haven’t yet), and well…  if you’re struggling with characters who demand all of your time and attention 24/7, I can only suggest diversions of chocolate and bubble baths.  Sorry.

I CAN offer some consolation for those who feel they aren’t spending enough time on their writing.  Little bits add up…  You don’t need to block out a huge expanse of your day for writing to make serious progress.  I’ve mentioned the 10 Minute Novelists group before.  There used to be a great little site called The One Minute Writer that proved to me how much one could accomplish in just 60 seconds (the link goes to the Internet Archive version of the site).  Add a moment or two of planning while exercising or washing the dishes… YES, you can be ‘writing’ while cleaning your desk, sharpening your pencils or getting your groove on with some of your favorite music!  When you work in smaller blocks of time, sometimes you actually do more than if you try to cram all your writing time into a large block.

But what happens with all these little disjointed bits and pieces you might wonder?  Well, sometimes they are disjointed, but often your mind will be working on the story while you’re not putting words on the paper too.  Your mind is still writing, still adding ideas and subtext to the story, and it will help put those together for you the next time you put the words down.

It’s a bit like ‘sleeping on an idea’ but you’re able to get other things done too.  Win win.

As the song says, “If two become one, what is the one the two become?” What can you create in small bursts?  What will the combination of your mind and your busy schedule come up with?

11 thoughts on “Round 1 Check-in 2/10/19

  1. Another Sunday comment check-in for me… It’s been a slow start to getting stuff done since the great house hunt, but for the past two days I’ve actually been cranking out some words (made my 750 Thursday and Friday and about 250 yesterday, plus a bunch of notes and planning for more stories).

    This week my focus will be shifting more toward moving, so I most writing goals will be set aside. I do want to try to get a in-person writing day sometime this week to give my brain things to work on while my hands are busy sorting and packing. Other than that… Five sentences a day will probably be my main goal.

    1. Don’t be afraid to put writing aside for as long as you need to. Moving is a massive job and with the rest of your life on top of that, you’ll be crazy busy. We will still love you, even if you don’t write a word.

      1. I appreciate it, though I think I’d prefer to keep doing writing where I can. It gives my mind a ‘safe space’ to escape the crazy of the move…. sometimes. I’ve had some writing times when a character’s situation was just too intense and RL felt so much more peaceful. :-/

    1. Last week just flew by for me as well, other tasks took precedence, and before I knew where I was, it was check-in time and I had little to show. As Eden said to me, ROW80 realises we do have a life which sometimes gets in the way… and a new week is a new start. Be kind to yourself and whatever you do, I hope it brings you satisfaction, or better still, joy.

  2. I’m trying to put in a minimum of 25 minutes a day. Usually I end up writing for a longer period. On a good day, that 25 minutes is 400-500 words but on a bad day, it might only be 200 words. For the non-fiction, I have to add time on top of that to smooth it out with basic editing. I usually don’t do that with the fiction unless it is something I am done with and getting ready to post.

    If the writing is flowing well and I spend 90 minutes or 2 hours at a stretch writing, I’m happy. I love seeing the results. But I can’t put in 90 minutes or two hours if things are going painfully slow. I don’t have the self-discipline.

    Here’s today’s check in:

    1. There is something amazing about those long periods of being in the flow and getting deep into your characters and their world. But for the days that things just don’t want to cooperate… you could always add a few words here or there to a project and get your subconscious working in it when you’re occupied with other things. 🙂

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