Round 1 Check-in 2/13/19

I thought when I started this post that I had some great ideas for it.  I had two posts on my desktop sitting there that I’d been considering for inspiration, both full of cool ideas I wanted to share.

Now that I’m here in the editor, neither one seems to fit now.  Ever have a moment like that, a time when the words just don’t work anymore?

I could try to whip something up, but really…  this post is for you about you anyway.  It’s your turn to share and shine.  So give us a smile from your blog or in the comments letting us know how you’ve been doing on your goals.  Or, if you prefer, step over to Facebook and leave a note in the pinned post.

And Happy Heart Day!

Hearts in Fireworks (cred. Eden Mabee)

Oh, and if you were curious about the two posts, here they are:

  1. The Real Power of Social Media (Writers On The Storm Blog)
  2. 25 Times Everyday People Spoke Words So Profound They Changed Peoples’ Lives Forever (The Powerful Mind)

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