Round 1 Check-in 2/17/19

It’s been a busy week this week here in Upstate NY.  How has it been in your part of the world, RoWers?  Have you been reaching toward your aspirations comfortably or are you finding each step a struggle?

Hopefully it’s the former, not the later.  But if it is…  your fellow RoWer, Mike Young has an excellent Flash Fiction Friday prompt for you this week.

Testing Your Character

Blizzard at Cape Denison: State Library of South Wales, Cred Frank Hurley

Life often sends us challenges that test our character, and patience. I’ve found that in writing, if I have a character I can’t seem to flesh out enough, it can help to throw something at them, to test them and see how they cope with it. Such as a job loss, a new child, a twisted ankle, or a blizzard.  —Mike Young

In fiction it’s good to push your characters.  Readers like to know your characters are struggling again “all odds” to achieve their goals.  What is/are YOUR characters’ greatest obstacles?  What challenges can you offer them to bring our their fullest potential?

As always, let us know in the comments or via our FB thread.  And if you have a project or event you’d like for us to share, let us know.  We’d love to support you.  That is what the ROW80 is about too, after all.  🙂

9 thoughts on “Round 1 Check-in 2/17/19

    1. Not quite the most romantic venue for Hearts and Chocolates Day, but… if it gives you a chance to enjoy many more happy days together in the long term, it’s exactly what you needed to do.

  1. Hi there! No official report from me this crazy in all the ways week….just the ta-das!

    1) I completed my Revening mission.
    2) I attended a town and a village board meeting and took scads of notes.
    3) I wrote up on article, revised, sent, and had it accepted.
    4) I shoveled a good deal of snow.
    5) I secured clearance to write a series of event articles.
    6) I dealt with the scary plumber stuff.
    7) I got some tending stuff done.
    8) I eased off when I felt exhausted, and have spent some time this week playing Stardew Valley and letting thoughts simmer while I recharge.
    9) And yet I’ve still managed to be out of the house at least part of every day…

  2. I was really hoping to have a post with FF for Mike Young’s Monsters in Love FF challenge (due this past Friday, but things just kept getting busier and busier so the plan was to post it today). No such luck. Most of today I’ve spent going through paperwork and cleaning with the hubby today. 7 weeks until moving day and a bunch of NJ trips in the meantime.

    I did get some writing done, rediscovered some old stories I hadn’t realized I’d written, and found that I really need to stop buying spiral bound notebooks… I have two copier paper boxes full of them, still, after purging a bunch,

    Except for ROW80 check-in posts, I suspect this will be a quiet week for words. A lot of packing and cleaning, but few words.

    (Though, I AM still hoping to get those stories done for the FFs)

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