Final Round 1 Check-in (Plus, 5 Books/Blogs to Read Between Rounds to Fill the Creative Well)

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash.

Hi, ROW80 folks! It’s Denise, stepping in for the tireless Eden Mabee for the last check-in post of Round 1.

Maybe you pushed hard and are now soaring past the finish line, dripping sweat but filled with pride at all you accomplished. If so, savor that feeling. Victory tastes sweet!

And if you’re a few blocks back, wondering if you’re even heading in the right direction anymore? Well, let me tell you, that is okay too. Here’s the thing. No matter where you are, you’re in the race–and your only competition is yourself.

ROW80 is all about setting goals that move you toward your own personal definition of success. What I love about this group is that we all have such different goals, and we all support each other. Whether we’re newbies or pros, whether we’re writing a novel a month or trying to get a few words on the page, we’re all one another’s cheerleaders.

So, please, share your ROW80 Round 1 wrap-up post in the comments below, be sure to visit others, and most importantly, as we enjoy the pause between rounds, be sure to take a break.

In case you’re looking for some inspiration during the break, here are a few recommended reads:

  1. Better Than Before, Gretchen Rubin. This one is all about habits–how they’re formed, why they’re easier for some of us than others, and how to make changes stick. Rubin created what she calls the Four Tendencies–four different ways of dealing with internal and external expectations–and in Better Than Before, she helps us identify our “tendency” and learn how to best achieve our goals and form habits based on that personality type.
  2. Owls and Other Fantasies: Poems and Essays, Mary Oliver. We lost beloved poet Mary Oliver in January. Her poems have reminded me to lead a life close to nature, to seek inspiration and wisdom there, and that the best art is created by listening closely to the world around (and within). As we move toward spring, I’m always called to her poetry, and I hope you can find some inspiration in her words as well.
  3. “How to Crush Your Writing Goals,” Sarra Cannon (blog post and video). Sarra is not only a talented author whose books have moved so many readers, she’s also launched a website and YouTube channel for authors, helping them define success on their own terms and meet their goals (sound familiar, ROW80 folks?). This might provide some much-needed inspiration for setting your Round 2 goals. Disclaimer: I’ve signed up for her HB90 Quarter 2 Bootcamp!
  4. 12 Things to Remember When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed,” Courtney Carver, (blog post). Trust me, I started off 2019 with a serious energy deficit. I’ve worked hard to implement so many of the solutions Courtney recommends–especially remembering that mental and physical health is more important than “all that other sh*t you think is important.” (And trust me, if we forget this, our bodies will remind us in the most unpleasant of ways!) If you need some inspiration when it comes to saying no, setting boundaries, and committing to yourself, this is a great and quick read.
  5.  Dear Writer, You Need to Quit, Becca Syme. I needed this book, guys. So. Freaking. Much. Becca’s whole thing is about questioning the premise. Every piece of advice we get as writers, whether it’s about process, quantity, marketing. You name it. Her words help us cut through the noise.

There you have it. Fuel for next round. I hope Round 1 was a good one. Don’t forget to share your link, check in with your accountability partner, and visit fellow ROWers to cheer them on!

Stay wild, stay magical, and stay creative! See you next round!

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