Round 2 Check-in June 8, 2019

Wow…  Do you realise how close to the end of this Round of Words we are?   It’s been so very busy, busy this year, time just seems to be flying by.

If you’re in a state like mine (the state of Chaos), then you may still be trying to figure out what your main goals for Round 2 were.  I’d say packing for our move was a big one for me, but most of our move is already done, and I still haven’t done most of the packing.  And what the packing company did when my husband’s employer moved us needs to be unpacked with the same care I’d planned for the packing itself since we’d had a lot of things n odd places due to the work we’d been doing on the house.

Chaos is a state in what country?  😉

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know it may be time to start thinking ahead to Round 3.  And, as always, it’s check-in time.  Let us know how you’ve been doing in this busy, busy year.


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