5 thoughts on “Round 4 Check-in !2/07/19

  1. So… what do I need to do to sign on as a sponsor and/or for an accountability partner? Is there somewhere specific I should be looking?

    As for the blog – I’d love to have the linky back. If there’s an expense, maybe you could add a donate button?

    I’d also love to see more activity here – maybe rerunning old sponsor posts? Reblogging interesting articles? Featuring a ROWer each month, or a theme for each round, maybe?

    1. I love the idea of featuring a ROWer each month! That’s so very cool. (I’ll msg you with some ideas there).

      As for having a partner or sponsoring, I thought I posted the links. But people can FB msg me or email me at mousefir (at) gmail (dot) com. I’ll be handing our the AC partners to each other during our mid-round break.

      And the linky can be done. I believe our acct is still free. We don’t use image linkups.

  2. Maybe I just missed the links, then… did you post them here, or to the group page?

    If you give them to me, I can make them announcements in the group. Not today, probably, as I have a weak-making stomach thing Miah and Lise had last week, but soon.

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