Double Oops, Round 1 Check-in

cred. Tenor

Yep.. sorry, I missed a few check-ins. Been icky, icky sick and when it came down to it, blogging was not all that high on my get-well priority list.

As I imagine it isn’t usually for you ROWers either. When it comes to self-care, writers can be an odd lot, but we know we need to do certain things to maintain our mental prowess. Sometimes it’s reading, or journaling… or, in my case, sleeping under a lot of blankets and drinking warm herbal tea for a couple of days in a very dark room (no lights please… they really hurt).

But I digress. It’s easy to let things slide when we’re trying to achieve our dreams. Little things first, but then more stuff gets se aside. And it does give one cause to consider one’s focus. Not making the weekly check-in or blogging less than planned might not be that bg of a deal in the long term, but when one finds her- or himself doing this sort of thing regularly, it might be cause to reassess those beginning of the ROWnd goals.

Have you wondered if you need to reassess your goals? What do you think you’ll be doing from now on?

Tell us below or on our FB page. Sorry, no linky today. That involves some computer magic just don’t have the energy for at the moment.

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