Round 1 Check-in2/26/20

It’s time for another check-in, ROWers!  Ready….  or not. Deadlines, personal challenges…  and you…  you shouldn’t wait either.  There’s a whole wide world of inspiration and ideas, things to discover and share with others.  And you?  You have that magical chance to be the one to do it.  But only if you’re working toward that goal, only if you are moving forward toward your goals, ROWing along that (sometimes) rough water, taking in the great scenery…

Yeah…  You’ve got this.  Keep doing what you’re doing, but why not take a moment from your schedule to let us all know how things have been progressing?  You can leave comments here below or on our linky or even at our FB page.

And also a huge Thank You Very Much to Kathy  Waller from the Ink Stained Wretches for the shout out (and jumping in to join our friendly crew).  You all may wish to check out the other group in Kathy’s post, the Friday Fictioneers for some practice and inspiration with short fiction.


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