Round 1 Check-in 2/10/20


I have a small confession for all you ROWers.  This is going to be my last Round of Words for the near future.  That means I won’t be maintaining the blog or linkys anymore.  I don’t know if these parts of the challenge will be taken up by anyone else at this point.  If there is news of that sort, I’ll post it before the ROWnd ends, or you should be able to find updates on our FB page (which the magnificent Shan Jeniah has been maintaining all this time).

It has been great being part of this challenge, but these past few ROWnds I’ve been unable to participate really at all, and especially these past 80 days I’ve found myself missing check-ins all too often.  So it’s time to bid you adieu.  Well, at least it will be in 16 days when this Round of Words ends.

Until then, however…

It’s Check-in Time.

By this point you must all know how our check-in process works.  You can always just leave us a note or comment below.  You can add a link to the comments or our linky list (click on the blue froggie for that).  You can even leave your check-in (in any form) on our FB thread.  We’re pretty versatile here,


4 thoughts on “Round 1 Check-in 2/10/20

  1. Honestly, I don’t think missing check-ins is a good reason to leave. Seems more like that’s the time we most need that tiny bit of structure in our lives.

    Could you let the blog go, make one tiny goal (write ONE WORD a day, for instance), and comment monthly on how you’re doing?

    I’ve found that in uncharted territory and rudderless ground (which there’s been a LOT of since Jim was diagnosed, as I learn to live in a very different way than I expected), having this framework has been a lifeline. I fall down a lot – I’ve missed more check-ins than I’ve made. But my goal has become to keep trying, keep getting up, keep striving for twice-a-week check-ins and setting goals that stretch but don’t break me….

    It sounds like you might benefit from much smaller goals, and possibly some time to consider what destination you’re aiming for. And untangling those things can be easier when you realize others have traveled (and are traveling, right now), that same road.

    I hope you stay. I hope you can see it as a positive in your life, a way to move forward, rather than an obligation. So much has changed in your life, and it’s a season of change entering one’s second half-century…. but this can be a steady place to commit to yourself and the things that matter most to you…

    But whatever you choose, you know where I am, and that I wish you all manner of joy!

    1. It’s not just the missing check-ins. Missed check-ins are simply a symptom of the issue, not the issue itself. I’ll msg you privately about that though.

      I MAY do the ROW80 later in the year in a different capacity, but for now, I do need to leave. I will miss people, but I have other things I need to prioritize right now.

  2. I totally get the whole missing checkins/not writing for a while, so while we’ll miss you, we understand! You can always jump back in later, and who knows, that could be sooner than you think. Take care!

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