…and What to Expect From One

You may have heard about the Accountability Partner concept we’re trying out new this year.  The idea is pretty simple.  If you’d like, I can set you up with another ROWer that you can share progress, ideas, nudging and cheer with directly so that you both will be able to better achieve your goals.

And we’re not just talking about writing goals here, though, yes, this is the Round of Words in 80 Days challenge.  Thing is, we’re complete people with multiple passions and interests.  So if you and your partner want to add exercising, classes, language studies… basically whatever stirs your passions and makes you “You”, then go for it.

While we try out this program, we’re going to go with simple rules and add to or remove them as seems necessary.  Don’t hesitate to let me know about any suggestions, compliments or criticisms (mousefir (at) gmail (dot) com).

    1. This is number one for “all the reasons”: You and your partner decide between yourselves what method and timing you use for checking in with each other.
      • Pick a method that you both enjoy using so you’re more likely to do it; if posting a status to Twitter or Facebook works for you, go for it. Maybe you’d like to snap a picture of your progress and Instagram it? Or a video chat… Whatever you pick, make sure it works for both of you
      • Decide what type of check-ins you’d like: an “I did this” checklist, support or encouragement on a hard project, an idea swap… a mix of all and more?
      • Choose your timing. While we do regular group check-ins for the ROW80 twice a week, you can choose to check in with your AC daily or monthly. Maybe you check in every day that has a 5 in the date… as long as you both feel you’re getting the support you need.
    2. You could just check in by sending out a quick “How’s it going” msg once a week. This shouldn’t be a job, just another way to get the support we all sometimes need to get through things.
    3. You can request a new partner if you are having a lot of problems, but give it a try for a bit. Life gets crazy for us all, and sometimes things just don’t work the first few times through

Not much more to it than that.  Since writing can be a very solitary calling, having someone “at your side” (so to speak) can be kind of nice.