Round 1 Check-in 1/22/20

Writers write

I hope you’ve been having a great Round of Words so far, and that you’ve been meeting (and possibly exceeding) your personal expectations regularly these past few weeks. But even if you haven’t been, remember that it’s more about staying the course and finishing than about who sprang from the gate first. It’s ten weeks of self-improvement and habit-building. More than that, it’s a stepping stone for a life you want, created as you want it to be through your goals each ROWnd.

So how’s it going, folks? Do you feel you’re making solid progress? Have you found your stride, or are you still feeling things out? We have a linky where you can post a URL to your blog check-in. Or, if you’d prefer, you can always post something in our comment below or in our FB group.

Round 1 Check-in 1/19/20


Linky below and active

♦Just a quick post today, folks♦

Apologies first off for not having your linky today, but I’m traveling.  Until I can connect reliably with my computer at home, I don’t have access to our linkytool site and dashboard to post one…  Sorry.

Linky active so you can post your comments and check-ins here as always.  Or you can post your update to the FB page.

We always have options for you here.  It’s YOUR ROW80, after all.

Have a great couple of days!

Round 1 Check-in 1/15/20

The Blank Page? Or not.

Here it is… a new check-in, a new chance to say “I’m doing this!”. It’s not a blank page; it’s an opportunity. It’s chance offering a rose to your muse. It’s a new world to explore.

You know how it is. Writers Write. And the Blank Page is not to be feared but faced with eagerness and curiosity.

Why not let us know how it goes for you, here in the linky, in the comments or on your FB page… You’ve got this, ROWers.

Round 1 Check-in 1/12/20

How’s it going?

We’re moving upstream, ROWers. The initial fire of determination may need some stoking but hopefully you’re feeling the glow of practice and habit starting to spark within you. Those things will get you to your dreams. Successes in those things will give you continued determination.

For now, it’s time for a Sunday check-in. Here’s your linky. You can also leave a link or comment check-in here or on our FB Page.

Round 1 Check-in 1/8/20

Just √-ing in!

It’s actually a square root sign, but we writers must make due with what our keyboards give us, eh? 🙂

It’s our first check-in of Round 1, the first check-in of 2020!  So very cool.  I mean, really—isn’t that just the coolest?

Here’s your linky.  You can post a link your blog or website if you’re updating there, or you can use the comments here or on our FB page to let us know how your Round of Words has begun.