Round 4 Check-in 15

Mea Culpa

I’m so sorry, ROWers! Between death by a thousand papercuts (my husband’s name for when one suddenly is landed with a bunch of little errands—often requiring little trips in several directions) and having a blow out migraine on top of a head cold, I was just not with it last night and totally forgot to post the linky.

Hopefully that didn’t slow you all down and now that our amazing Shan Jeniah has alerted me (she already posted a link for you to use on the Facebook Page)…  here you go, a brand new progress linky.

Hope you have an amazing week!


Round 4 Check-in 14

image cred: Spot 27

Have you ever tried doing something you’ve always believed you couldn’t do?

How did you feel about that moment when you finally chose to take that step?  Did you even feel like you had a choice?  Was it simply the best choice you could make in a sea of bad choices?  Or did you boldly step forward, knowing that you needed to try this thing, to prove something to yourself or to another.

How did you feel?

This is the place our characters need to be…  maybe they actively want this thing you’re having them do.  Maybe they dread it horribly.

But they need to change, to be frightfully aware that they are leaving their comfort zone.

Because that is where the story is…  and we want to hear about it.

Round 4 Check-in 13

We’re going into our seventh week of this round, and it’s becoming one of those challenging Rounds of Words that leave one gaping.  That’s why the ROW80 works though.  Because Life Happens.  We don’t always roll smoothly through the tossing and heaving that occurs when the more cataclysmic events take us along for the ride, but we do roll.  We roll, and then we write about the experience…  somehow.

Whatever Life is tossing at you, may the ROW80 help you find the balance to keep rolling.

Round 4 Check-in 12

A white poppy among a field of red (img cred Wikipedia)

Today, in the US, it is Veteran’s Day (I am writing this on Saturday).  In other parts of the world, it is called Remembrance Day.  Whichever the name you use, the theme is service to one’s country and people and the losses of war.  For those among us who have served… matter how they have served… or love(d) someone who has served, may today be full of memories of comfort and joy and welcome.  Since we’re writers, perhaps today is a perfect time to celebrate the lives of those who have given of themselves in story.

If you have a tale to tell…  here’s the linky.  If not, just share your progress and news.

Round 4 Check-in 11

Another week, more words…  well, perhaps not a whole week, but that’s no bad thing, is it?  We’ve got words coming, we’ve got holidays coming…  even if the days are getting shorter, there’s a lot of great things to be excited about.

Here’s a huge cheer for you all and everything you’ve done.

Oh, yeah, and a linky too:

Round 4 Check-in 10

I don’t know about you all, but…  I’ve got nothing today.  No cute pictures, no witty words of wisdom… it’s just me here, gearing up to write some words and posting a linky.  That’s okay though.  I know you all have plenty of words to write too.  So, here’s to mass scribbling! 🙂

Round 4 Check-in 9

For some, today is National Chocolate Hangover Day…  also known as the day after Halloween.  It’s known to those following certain religious faiths, it’s known as All Saint’s Day, a celebration of all saints and for remembering the dead.   To others, it is Samhain, one of the four “quarter days” of the year set between the equinoxes and solstices.

Really… but you’ve got to ‘do’, not just ‘try’

For many writers, it is the first official day of the (inter)National Novel Writing Month challenge.  Yes, I know we’re already challenging ourselves, but for those of you who have decided to add NaNoWriMo into your Round4 goals….  here’s a cheer and a smile.

And here’s a linky….  Go get those words and create some dreams.