Round 4 Check-in 11/18/18

We passed the midpoint of this Round of Words a few weeks back, and the midpoint of this NaNoWriMo just a few days ago.  For many, this signifies the real start of the ‘race’ as opposed to that moment we’ve found our stride and are able to hold our pace.  A few of us got a quick start out of the gate and have been able to maintain the lead, but others (*raises hand*) are beginning to stumble and lag.

It’s pretty normal for the middle of November.

Our reactions may be infinite, but so our opportunities.  In this, everyone can win.

Don’t forget to keep us updated on your progress whether to the end of the month, the year, or if you’re in this for the long haul…  Post your update in the comments at our FB page.

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Round 4 Check-in 11/14/18

Just a quick post for today…  hope you’re still writing, still creating, still doing.  Sometimes that’s all it takes….  Doing.

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Really… You’ve got this.

And as always, tell us a bit of how you’ve been getting there in the comments or on the FB page.

Round 4 Check-in 11/11/18

As some of us are racing through this month of words with huge wordcounts, there are those of us who are looking at their goals, about to give up and just wait for the next round before they ‘do something’ to achieve their dreams.

If this is you… please, don’t stop. Don’t give up. The 20 or so words you managed to get out before you set the page down in frustration are five words you didn’t have before. And they will make new words easier to discover…  simply because you spent the time to get those out, to think of what to write.

The mind works best when it has something to ponder…  so ponder, consider and throw a few more words on the page.  You have words within you.

As always…  let us know how you’re progressing toward your goals in the comments below or on our FB page.

Round 4 Check-in 11/6/18

Creeping toward the end of the year, meshed solidly in the throes of the word-orgy that is NaNoWriMo, or stuck for ideas…  we’re all somewhere in our ROW80 journey.  And no matter where you might be in your own journey, it’s a good time to be writing.

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Let us know how your writing (and all your progress in achieving your goals) is going, here in the comments, or in our FB group.

Oh, and remember, you don’t need to do it all. Being overwhelmed is counter-productive.

Round 4 Check-in Sunday 1/4

Short post today:

It’s NaNoWriMo, and I don’t know about all of you, but wow…  my head is spinning with characters and storylines.  So much to write and so little sleep to do it on.  😉

Have fun getting those words down, but if you get a chance, stop in and post a note in the comments about how you’ve been doing on your goals so far.

Round 4 Check-in 10/31

Another month finished… only two more for this year, only two more to make those word count goals, to finish that short we’ve been toying with. No trick here… we know what to do. Write every day, even when our muses might be off gorging on leftover candy and some Netflix reruns…

Though today we might be taking time to indulge in festivities and sugar, we know tomorrow we write.  For some of us, it’s because November 1st is the opening of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  For others, it’s because it’s what we, as writers, do…  we write.  Whatever our reasons, we have a plan and we’re moving forward.  You have a plan and are moving forward.  You are a writer, a creator, a dreamer.

Will you have setbacks?  Sure.  But will you write? Definitely.

Because in the ROW80, we are here for each other, and we know that we have to write, have to create, have to appease the muses.  Or at least the little voices in our heads that say…



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Leave your updates in the comments or on our FB page.

Round 4 Check-in 10/27


It’s Sunday!  Another week has passed, more words, new ideas (and some elaboration on the old ones…).

Trick-or-Treating is in full swing here in northeastern NYS, because Halloween falls midweek yet again.  Many organizations are setting up Trunk-or-Treat events to let the kids show off their costumes and gorge on sugary treats without interfering with the school week.  A long way from the mythology of ghosts and goblins upon which the holiday was based…

Both are fertile grounds for evocative stories however, and I hope you all get a chance to enjoy some chocolate (or the sweet treat of your choice) and creative inspiration over the next few days.

No tricks….  just leave your check-in below or on our FB page.

Round 3 Wednesday Check-in

Midweek check-ins always catch me a bit off kilter.  Do they do that to you too?

Sleepy camel from

Maybe it’s that “hump day” thing…  or jet lag as the case may be.

Lots of wonderful things happening in the ROW80 community too.  We had a few weeks of upbeat (and very creative) posts thanks to Denise Young, as she kindly covered for me so I could go to Europe for some archaeology and family time.  ROWer Deniz Blevins brought a very new cutie into the world (as per her announcement in May), and he is adorable!  And for some, the fact that NaNoWriMo is approaching just tickles their muses.

This is a busy time of year for us all, but here’s to also making the best of it.  Cheers, joy and lot of words.

And as always, let us know how you’re doing, and if you have cool news to share add that too.  You can post here in the comments or on our FB thread.

Sunday check-in: Answering the Storyteller’s Call…

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“People say, ‘What advice do you have for people who want to be writers?’ I say, they don’t really need advice, they know they want to be writers, and they’re gonna do it. Those people who know that they really want to do this and are cut out for it, they know it.” — R.L. Stine

That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it? Through all the ups and downs of this crazy writing life, we couldn’t imagine it any other way. No matter how the “industry” changes, we’re always going to be storytellers. And there always have been, and always will be, storytellers.

Or, as Ursula K. Le Guin phrased it:

“There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories.”

So go forth, spinners of yarns and weavers of story tapestries. Weave and spin! Just be sure to drop your link in the comments below or on our Facebook page and tell us how you did with your goals this week. And, of course, be sure to visit other ROWers as well.

Happy writing!

Midweek Check-in, October 17:

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Here at ROW80, we’re all about 80-day goals. I think it’s important, though, for us to create those short-term goals–quarterly, yearly, etc.–in the context of our long-term vision. Where do you want to be five years from now? Ten years from now? Twenty?

Then, we step back and assess whether our short-term goals, habits, routines, and actions are moving us toward that vision.

Something to keep in mind as we keep our noses to the grindstone for Round 4. Don’t be afraid to have a big, audacious dream, a beautiful, joyful vision for your life!

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