Round 2 Week 11 Wednesday

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How do you all feel about research?  As a writer, do you find joy in hunting down elusive details?  As a reader, do you find layers of depth and meaning in an author’s choice to accurately portray the trodden-bare roads of an ancient Roman outpost?

Or do you find slogging through finely crafted description daunting and even unpleasant?

Do you find it distracts you from your actual writing, or does the added discovery time help you connect more deeply with the characters and their world?

Let us know.

Also, as we head into the homestretch of this Round of Words in 80 Days, it’s once again time to check in and share your progress and you plans.  Feel free to use the linky, the comments or our FB page:


Round 2 Week 10 Sunday

Remember Wednesday when I talked about The End really being a beginning of sorts?  All that editing, marketing, and design …

Those things could be your next priority, but what about those of you who are ready to embark on a whole new ROW80 adventure? How do you see your Round3 starting—with a B.A.N.G. or a slow meandering exploration of possibilities?

Why not both?

The acronym above comes from author and writing coach Jill Dearman as part of her “Bang the Keys” workshop (archive is available on iTunes).

Inspired by Toric legend in which the mystical combination of four Hebrew letters: Yud י, Hei ה, Vav ו, and Hei ה) contain the steps of creation — B. A. N. G. stands for:

  • B is for Begin with your strongest idea.
  • A is for Arrange your material into a concrete form.
  • N is for nurture your project with love, so that others may love it too.
  • G is for complete it, and let it GO out into the world to live independently.

You can get a mini-example of the process here:

Looked like a fun workshop, and the idea of banging on the keys sounds kind of fun and playful…  just the right thing to inspire new words and ideas.  I found about this by reading an old copy of The Writer (July 2009), but the date doesn’t matter…  I think Ms. Dearman was on to something here.

What steps do you follow to reach your creative place as a writer?

Oh…  and before I forget, here is your linky:  Hope to hear great things from you.  🙂

Round 2 Week 10 Wednesday

As we row along toward our goals, the end now tantalizingly close (you can almost see it, just like it’s right there in front of you, can’t you?), please remember to keep writing, creating and planning.  The End is really just a new beginning.

With that in mind, now might be  good time to start thinking about what you want to achieve in the upcoming Round 3.  Summer is coming (at least for those of us in the norther hemisphere); vacations, gardens, dog days…  and words.  Ready for it?

If you’re having trouble thinking of what to do, remember the concept of S.M.A.R.T. goals.  And remember, when you’re looking at all the things you want to get done, to set aside some time to just “be”.  Set aside some time for personal joy.

Your words, and your achievements, will thank you for it.

For now though…  it’s check-in time.  Here at the linky or in the comments or at our FB page.

Round 2 Week 9 Sunday

It’s starting to feel like summer here in the northern hemisphere.  Changes keep coming.

That’s a good thing.  New ideas, new stories…

New words.

How are your words coming along? Let us know at the linky…

And if you’re looking for a little extra budge, those lovely folks from JuNoWriMo are hosting regular sprints on Twitter via the #JuNoWriMo hashtag all month to help you get those shiny new words on the page.

Round 2 Week 9 Wednesday

Can you believe it’s Wednesday already? It should be time to post our pieces about Spring (based on the picture prompt I posted last week), but if you’re anything like me, you’ve got something that looks closer to the image on the right here…

The Blank Page

It’s okay. Life happens. The words will show their faces eventually.

In fact, I’ll bet they have. They show themselves in myriad forms: ideas for new stories, scintillating plot twists on your present Work In Progress, and in all those administrative works that come with a writing career. Those take more creativity and energy than you might suspect. Cheer yourself on when you finish that query letter and send it along.

And keep thinking about Spring and the sight of new flowers…. if only because beauty and change can inspire you.

Round 2 Week 8 Wednesday

Sunshine and showers, time for spring flowers…  like these lovely crab apple blossoms from the tree in front of our house.  Enjoy them…  and if you feel up for it, write a short poem about what those first blooms of the year mean to you.  Then, once you’re done, let us see what you’ve written in your check-in one week from now.

As always, here is your linky.  Hope to hear from you, here, in the comments or on our FB thread:

Round 2 Week 7 Wednesday

Spring Peeper cred: (below linky)

Let’s talk.

Well, let’s write. After all, communicating things to others is our goal as writers, much as it is for the sweet chorus of peepers outside my window this evening.  Though maybe we have other things we want to say than the little amphibians do…  ( or maybe not)

Thing is, every species on this planet has found ways to connect with others of their kind, to share interests, warn of danger or make …  suggestions.

As ways to communicate go, writing is pretty cool.  Maybe not quite as magical as a moonlit backyard full of chorus frogs, but…  it’ll do.

Here’s the linky… one of our many ways to communicate with your fellow ROWers:

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