Round 2 4th Wednesday Check-in

Getting to that mid-point…  just one more week.  It might be a good time to start thinking about how your goals are working for you.  Some of you are just finishing up your CampNaNo counts or the A-to-Z blogging challenges.  Some of you are just plugging along, doing a bit every day to keep the words flowing.

Whatever you do, may it bring you joy.  And then you can tell us all about it at the linky.  😉

Round 2 3rd Sunday Check-in

Just checking in…

You know that song “What Does The Fox Say?”  Well, at my house, we’ve acquired a new vulpine friend.  Things is, he only shows up on ROW80 check-in days.  So…  I think this fox is saying…  “How’s your ROW80 progress so far?”

Tell us at the linky.  Quick before Mr. Fox sees that it’s a cute blue froggie.

Round 2 3rd Wednesday Check-in


Here we go again… time to check-in with your fellow ROWers and share how you’re doing!  Is everything going awesome?  Are the words getting easier or harder as the weather changes?   Has the world collapsed around your MC (hint: it should, at least once or twice)?

Tell all at the linky…

2nd Sunday Check-in Round 2

I don’t know why, but when I saw this lovely hiding out in the media directory, I just had to post it.  Kait had some cool banners that almost never got used.  Does anyone have a favorite?  Would anyone like to design or add new ones to our challenge pages?  Creativity doesn’t just come in words.

And speaking of creative…  how are you all doing with your goals?  Making progress?  discoveries?  a mess?

Let your fellow ROWers know so we can cheer you on, hold your hand…  and just generally be there for you.

Wednesday Check-in Round 2_2

Spring has sprung!  At least that’s the case here in Upstate New York…  you may have seen such signs for a few weeks now.  Or, perhaps they’d come and gone months ago, and you are now looking at brilliant colored leaves and feeling the first hints of snow.  I sympathize…  after these pretties showed their faces last week, they were chased back into hiding by several days of chill and rain.  Then Saturday morning, we woke to an inch plus of snow on the lawn.

Just goes to show how fast things can change.

That’s why, here at the ROW80, we suggest checking in with your fellow ROWers at least once, but preferably twice, a week.  So, here’s the linky…  tell us about all the new shinies in your creative life:

Round 2 – 1st Sunday Check-in

The Blank Page

Can you believe we’ve already made it through one 80 day Round of Words and are hot into a second? That’s a lot of words, a lot of writing, and a lot of commitment (and a lot of alliteration!). But perhaps things aren’t going as well for you as you’d like… Maybe it’s that blank page in front of you. You know the one I’m talking about, the one without distractions that you are sure will keep you from your writing if you ‘give in’ to the temptation…

Well, far be it from me to say you should do things my way, but maybe what you need is to step away from the page for a moment and indulge your muse a little.  Let me invite you to spend a moment with me in the ROW80 archives—way, way back to the very first Round of Words our founder Kait Nolan held—and two posts by our original sponsors:

  • a quote from: Problem Solving, Inc.  by Andrew Mocete
  • Staring at that blank page or ugly looking chapter may seem unproductive, but it’s telling your brain what you’re doing is a priority.   It’ll get the message and help you reach your goals.

  • a quote from: Productive Procrastination by Stacy Wallace Benefiel
  • No matter what your writing style is-whether you plot, procrastinate, write 12,000 words a weekend and nothing during the week, we are all taking on the commitment to write something every day for three months.

Remember that this is a journey, not a destination. It’s not how you get there, just that you do. And hopefully you’ll have a little fun while you’re at it.

Tell us about your experience at the linky: