Check-in 5/28

Sunday, Sunday… so good to be…. Sunday ROWin’ will guarantee…

That it’s time to share how your week has gone, fellow ROWers! (What else?)

It can also guarantee we will be with you, all these 80 days, cheering you on, giving you little nudges.

So let us know how things are going for you here at our linky.

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Check-in 5/24

Wednesday is here, and it’s time again for you to share your progress (or lack there of) since Sunday.

We ALL can relate to this sometimes!

Before you add your post to the linky though, let me give a small shoutout to a fellow writing challenge coming up in June. Yes, I do mean JuNoWriMo, the 50K WriMo of the other half of the year (yep, I will be hosting sprints on Twitter for people hoping to add some extra words in June to their projects).

If you know of a writing (or reading! Writers are readers after all) challenge you want to support, let us know here at the ROW80. And since we are ROCking this year, feel free to add any creative challenge you’d like to share. Let’s support each other in our creative passions and our beloved projects.

Here’s your linky… ROW80 list.

Check-in 5/21

Wow! Another week of creativity has passed us by. Don’t know about you all, but I’m finally starting to feel a sense of flow here (about time, isn’t it?).

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash.

Why don’t you share your progress with us?

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Check-in 5/14

How’s it going?

Just another check-in. Let us know how you’re doing. Share a kind word (crass ones are acceptable when necessary, but kind are preferred), and visit your fellow ROWers…

Here’s the linky:

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Check-in 5/3

I notice there are a lot of people out there (like me) posting ‘late’ check-ins and sometimes even goals. Or worse yet, if my suspicions are correct, there are many of you out there not posting at all because you think it’s too late or that you can’t do the challenge justice.


Excuses to give up will never get us toward our goals. Slow progress, even an awareness that progress awaits us, is… well, progress. A slide to the left or right can be a path to more creative output or an easier way to do something on your To Do list.

Yes, there are distractions, there are rabbit trails… But a mindset of achievement comes from doing what you can, when you can (the lovely catchphrase of our ROWer Chris Kincaid). Maybe it’s very little at the onset, but don’t underestimate the energy or creativity power you hold. Don’t wait for a better moment. Don’t doubt your ability to do more than you ever dreamed in this very moment.

And… don’t ever feel embarrassed or unwelcome in the ROW80. We know you have a life, because we all do too.

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