Round 2 8th Wednesday Check-in

Art is everywhere

We all know that being creative is challenging… especially when it involves trying to make a living on that creativity. But there are good things about being writers and creators to be found in so many places. I took this photo tonight across the state-mandated ‘wet land’ the developers had to provide for drainage between our local Walmart and Lowes stores. It’s a bit of an environmental wreck, filled with litter, but… somehow in this waning sunlight, it was beautiful.

Our stories are like that too. Sometimes we get caught on the flaws and miss the magic of the words we’ve written until just the right light shines through. Then suddenly, we know we’ve got something good. It may need some work… but we’ve got this.

When was the moment you first realized you had something? Tell us about it… and let us know how you’re doing on those goals. Just follow the little blue froggie to the linky:

2nd Sunday Check-in Round 2

I don’t know why, but when I saw this lovely hiding out in the media directory, I just had to post it.  Kait had some cool banners that almost never got used.  Does anyone have a favorite?  Would anyone like to design or add new ones to our challenge pages?  Creativity doesn’t just come in words.

And speaking of creative…  how are you all doing with your goals?  Making progress?  discoveries?  a mess?

Let your fellow ROWers know so we can cheer you on, hold your hand…  and just generally be there for you.

And So It Begins…

I didn’t post yesterday (though I probably should have scheduled this for last night) because, as always, our new Round of Words starts on Monday, not on a Sunday.  We are now officially into Round 2, and our first check-ins (official…  I know some people have posted check-ins anyway) will be Wednesday.

If you haven’t set our your goals for this coming round, there is still time to post them at the linky at the bottom of our goals post.

Until Wednesday then…  write well.Oh, and as a quick “Thank you” (and if you’re interested in more challenges) check out Lindsay Lovin’ Life who kindly added the ROW80 into her list of 17 Blog Challenges to Try in 2017.

Wednesday Check-in Week… Hmm!

Well, I miscounted it seems.   I thought today would be the last check-in of Round 1, but it’s not.  We have 8 more days to go.  (At least, the grand “X Days to Go” counter on the sidebar seems to be working right.)

The good news is that gives you an extra week to plan your goals for Round 2!

Until then…  just give us your progress at the froggie:

Sunday Check-in

Welcome to another weekly check-in…  somewhat late yet again.  I’m still trying to figure out all the tweaks our ROW80 creator (the delightful Kait Nolan) made to the site when she was preparing to close down the blog half of the ROund of Words for good.

So many of these tweaks are just little things, like the “Join the Challenge” tag in the bar above us that tosses everyone right into the Facebook Group, even if they aren’t Facebook fans…  It’s not a big thing, so much as a bit of an “I don’t usually think of it” sort of thing.  So…  a smallish request, if you would.

Please let me know in the comments below if you try a link and it works oddly.  Or if you just can’t find the information you’re looking for…

This is your ROW80 too.

And, given that… lets tell us how you all are doing:

Oh! and a bit of a FYI since this (possibly temporary) linky setup seems to have confused a few people, here’s how you do it:

  1. add your blog URL
  2. add your name
  3. add your email (this is not published)
  4. click “Enter your link”
  5. done…  unless you want to use the Tweet/FB feature

And there!  Have an awesome Writer’s Week!

Construction Zone


You may not remember me.  My name is Eden Mabee, and I’ve been a part of the ROW80 for a few years now.  It’s a great place for supporting ourselves and our fellow writers, a place for sharing accountability and friendship.

Some of you remember when A Round of Words in 80 Days ran solely in the blogosphere.  Some of you, like me, remember it as a more malleable creature that mostly lived in blogs, but also had a good showing in our Facebook group.  And some might remember when we packed our bags to move into Facebook “for good”.

But… it wasn’t all “good”.  Whenever there is a big move, things can get left behind, and some of those things are hard to replace.  Some of those “things left behind” were members.  These members, who aren’t comfortable with Facebook and its policies or were people who loved Facebook too much (like myself) and knew they needed to dole out their time there….

The change hasn’t been all bad.  The Facebook page is gaining ground.  We’ve proven we are a community that stays together and finds ways to “Make It Work”.  This effort on my part is to transport of those lost treasures back into our community space.

Hope you ‘ll come along for the ride.  If you do…  here’s the new linky for this week.  😀