Round 3 Check-in Aug 21

Every once in a while or so, we here at the ROW80 get requests to add pages to our site for links to writing resources, author pages, general niftiness or all kinds that might help our creative members sift through the web and all its myriad wonders.  And…  every time I get one of those requests, I think “Cool!  Let me see what I can…  oh, this has been done before, and this too, and…so has this…”

Basically, I feel like I would be reinventing every one of the wheels moving our little bus along, and given how time-strapped I’ve been lately, this just isn’t a feasible option right now.

So what I will do for you all is try to add some useful links here and there in our check-ins as they come to me.  Will that help?  I don’t know, but I hope so.  Let me know in your comments and check-ins.

And for our first link…  No Wasted Ink: a weekly collection of writing articles and advice (

And for the fun distraction of it…  you may what to check out John Atkinson’s Wrong Hands for writing (and non-writing) related comics


Round 3 Check-in August 14

Oh, the plots we can make…

Ever read a series to find that the author seemed to have reworked the whole story-line 3/4s of the way through and suddenly the characters you had grown to love were no longer the same people you’d enjoyed spending so much time with before?

What do you, as writers, do when this happens?  Do you create your own versions of the stories?  Do you plow through,hoping that the author will once more capture your heart?

Do you set the series aside and/or leave a low review on Goodreads or Amazon?

I had this happen twice recently, once in a TV series I was watching (instant Fanfiction fodder!) and then again, more recently in a book series I’d enjoyed.  I realized that, as a writer myself, I found these shifts harder to bear than a lot of non-writers I’ve spoken to.  And so wondered, is it a result of writing, reading, both or …. something else?

Opinions, and check-ins, appreciated, here in the comments or on our FB page.  As always….

Round 3 First Check-in

Typing Away (cred Gfycat)

Hey!  Hi!  How is going with you all?

Yeah, I know we’re only a few days into Round 3 by now, so you probably don’t have much to report—no problem!  Little steps, like little feet, eventually get there, as long as we keep moving.  So why not celebrate the fact that you ARE making progress, and tell us all how you’re doing.  As always, in the comments or on our FB page.

Round 2 Check-in 4/21/19

Many of you will be celebrating with friends and family tomorrow, creating the stories that you’ll be sharing in years to come or replaying stories from years past. It’s Spring and a time of renewal and re-creation in so many ways. It’s a perfect time to start something new or bring new life into something old.

So… maybe you’ve struggled with a long considered project, or perhaps you have a few manuscripts hiding in a drawer (maybe even a virtual one) somewhere that you just don’t know if you can finish? This is a great time to look at them with renewed eyes. It may be time to start again.  If so, let us know in your check-in.

Best to you all and your families today.

With love from the ROW80 and your fellow ROWers.

Round 2 Check-in 4/10/19

As we get deeper into the round, we may find our energy ebbs and flows like the tides.  Sometimes the words fill us to near bursting.  Other times, we might need a bit of a push to get moving.

A former ROWer, EM Castellan retweeted this the other day.  April may have already started, but who knows…  this might be just the extra boost to help you get moving toward your aspirations and achieving those goals that get you to your dreams.

What are you doing to keep yourself inspired?  Let us know in the comments or on our FB page.