The End Is Nigh

Shan remembered Throwback Thursday. All the credit to this post goes to her, and Kait Nolan who posted it waaaayy back at the beginning of our little writing challenge’s new life:

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life

Round 1 of A Round of Words in 80 Days is drawing to a close.  We started out with 75 intrepid souls stating their goals for the world to see.  Along the way we lost people (I’m not sure how many) and added others who found out about us after the challenge began.  Universally, everybody loves the idea that this challenge allows us to change our goals as Life Happens.

I’ve been the poster child for exactly that.  I started out with a goal of 750 words a day on my YA novel Red. The challenge started off well.  I wasn’t actually writing every day due to assorted circumstances, but the days I wrote, I was easily exceeding 750 words, such that my January average actually did work out to nearly 750 words a day.  I knocked out the short story I needed to write for an anthology.  Then February…

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Round 1 Check-in 1/30/19

Ever have one of these moments during a “So what happened next?” moment with your characters?

cred. Tenor

What did you do then? Did you write that story, or did you try to make something that you felt fit your audience or your outline better?

Let us know in the comments or in the FB thread. And as always, let us know how you’ve done since the last check-in, visit a fellow ROWer…  have a great time.

Round 1 Check-in 1/20/19

On Wednesday, I challenged you all to share with us an image, in the form of photo, prose….  music video (the options are only limited by your creativity) of what kind of writer you aspire to be.  There is a madness to my method here (as always).

You need to know your dream to breathe life into it.  The very word aspire implies the act of breathing, the act of living.  To aspire toward a goal (and you know how we’re all about those goals here at the ROW80) is the pinnacle of reaching toward, well, a pinnacle.  (Don’t believe me, check aspire on

I’m still trying to nail down a vision of “Writer Me”.  From our discussion a last Sunday, it seems a lot of us have a similar problem.  Something I’ve tried to consider in my own process is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for writing.  For any creating process really.  I even peeked back at this great post on the Writers in The Storm blog about How to Restore Your Love of Writing (though a lack of joy isn’t an issue at the moment).

Anyway, why not think on these things and give yourself (and the rest of us) a solid example of your dream…  thinking by our Wednesday check-in.  And don’t worry if the dream changes in a few years (weeks, days).  Just as long as you can see it, dream it…  if only for a moment.

For now, let us know how you’re doing.  Here in the comments, on our FB page, or both.

Problem Solving Inc. by Andrew Mocete

Our very first Throwback Thursday post (#TBT), a new thing started by our FB moderator Shan Jeniah

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life

I wish remembered where, but I once read a interview with John Lennon about his song writing process.  What struck me most was he told the interviewer he’ll sometimes stare at his instrument for hours without writing a single note.  The next day might be the same thing and day after that too.  For him, this was being productive because he knew his mind was working things out and eventually the music would come.

For someone highly respected and considered a genius at his craft to have gone through the same aspect of the writing process as I did was huge.

How many times have you stared at a blank page with no idea where the story is supposed to go?  How many times has what you’ve written looked wrong and you knew it needed something more, but didn’t know what?  Well according to John Lennon, this is part of…

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Round 1 Check-in 1/13/19

courtesy Terri Smith ❤ Stormy

We talk a lot about goals here at the ROW80.  The whole concept of A Round of Words in 80 Days is based on them and ways to achieve them.  And, of course, since this being a writing challenge, the general assumption is that you joined the ROW80 because you want to be a writer…  that you might even want to become a published author.

But…  what if this isn’t the case?

What if this had once been a dream of yours and your dreams have changed?  Are you finding the steps along your path don’t match your vision of where you should be in this journey?

Did you maybe wonder if this wasn’t a good thing?  The world beyond our desks and stories (and hopefully in our stories too) changes constantly.  Why shouldn’t we change and move with it, adjusting our stances and positions to remain stable as we follow the trail before us toward that dream we’ve held?  When there’s a fork in the road ahead, do we just stop, do we turn around, or do we look at our options and choose what seems to be the best course and follow it?

Have you ever questioned your determination to be a writer or author?  Has the desire to create worlds and share your stories overruled your doubts or do you still struggle with this?  Has becoming a writer taken a greater or lesser place in your life plan?

Let us know in the comment thread below or on our FB page.  And have a great week! 🙂

Round 4 Check-in 12/18/18

Well, technically, I should wait until tomorrow to say that, but…  what’s a day or two between friends here?

Not only have you made it through 80 day of words, whimsy…  and a fair share of mayhem, but you’ve also made it through a whole year.

Aren’t you just the greatest? (say “Yes”—you deserve it)

So why not take some time to let us know how you’ve done since your last check-in and then, once you’re done with that, pop back to Monday’s Goals Post and start planning for Round 1 of 2019.  As we’ve done all round, you can leave your check-ins as comments below or on our FB page.

And ENJOY the rest of the year.

Round 4 Check-in 12/1/18

I confess…  I added this picture because it reminds me more of my cat, Fluffle than any other reason, but…I do have to wonder at how fast we seem to have passed through this past November.  Even this Round of Words…  heck, even this year has flown by with wild abandon.

I feel like I’ve only just started!

How about you?  Is the nearing end of year feel unnatural to you?  Are you ready to start anew in 2019?

Or are you more like me, seeing this upcoming “end” as really more of a soft bend with angles?  Like a spiral…  I won’t presume what direction your spiral takes, but it’s always moving, always circulating with so many similar points to be hit on its way around.  And yet…  you are never in exactly the same place as you were the last time you passed by this point.

It’s kind of magical actually.

But with only a few more weeks in this Round of Words, and with the upcoming new year, it’s time to start evaluating our progress and start plotting our goals for next year.  And for those of us who just finished NaNoWriMo, it’s time to start editing (or maybe simply finishing) our recent WIPs.

Thankfully some of the best blogs for writers out there have some great advice for us.  Here’s just a small sampling of what I came across today:

And villainous twosome of:

Just a small sampling of my browser tabs (beyond the myriad house links from and Zillow) these days…

Hope you find them helpful in working toward your goals.  Tell us how you’ve been doing on those in the comments or on our FB page.