Round 3 Wednesday Week 8

I don’t have any specific Wednesday cheer to share with you…  well, save that it’s been a lovely couple of productive days (and that’s certainly reason enough to cheer in this house, wouldn’t you say?)

I do have a linky for you and my decision on how we’ll be handling things for our upcoming Round 4.  We won’t be using the linky (except for the Goals Post that I’ll make at the beginning of the ROWnd).  You’ll still have the option of leaving your links in the comments of the check-in posts here or on the pinned post of our Facebook group.

Just a little streamlining…  If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask


Round 3 Wednesday Check-in 7

Hi all!

How about some more Wednesday cheer…  oh and a serious question from yours truly about the upcoming Round 4?

First, today’s cheer…

As some of you may know, things have been a little cray-cray here at Chez Mabee as we plot our move (first one in almost 20 years) to New Jersey.  It’s a project, and we have a few other projects to deal with just to make it happen.  That said, in the midst of all the doing and more doing, a local ROWer, Elizabeth Anne Mitchell, has helped with emotional support (and lots of writing encouragement even if we aren’t always posting our achievements).  So here’s my cheer to you, Elizabeth

Did I say I have a question for you about Round 4?  Well, I do.  You see, in addition to plotting a move and renovating our house, we’ve also got a decently long trip overseas happening right at the beginning of Round 4.  I can set up some pages, but I can promise to be here to run most of them after the first two weeks…  and that just isn’t fair to all of you.  The big issue is the linky….  so, would you all be okay with using the comments or the Facebook thread for your check-ins for Round 4?

If you hadn’t seen the FB thread, our delightful Denise Young will be hosting many of the blog posts for that time (that Thank You is for you too, Denise).

Think that’s it for today…

Oh! Here’s your linky for today:

Round 3 Week 3 Wednesday Cheers

Today might be as close to Shan’s favorite ROW80 day possible.  She likes 3s and with today having two of them…  well, that’s pretty awesome.  Come to think of it…  Shan’s pretty awesome herself.  She’s been a ROW80 sponsor for a few years now.  She actively maintains our Facebook page.  And she’s got some great sponsor posts under her belt.

So why not stop by her page and cheer her along on her writing journey.

And when you’re done there…  stop off at our linky and post your progress.

Round 2 Week 9 Sunday

It’s starting to feel like summer here in the northern hemisphere.  Changes keep coming.

That’s a good thing.  New ideas, new stories…

New words.

How are your words coming along? Let us know at the linky…

And if you’re looking for a little extra budge, those lovely folks from JuNoWriMo are hosting regular sprints on Twitter via the #JuNoWriMo hashtag all month to help you get those shiny new words on the page.

Round 2 Week 9 Wednesday

Can you believe it’s Wednesday already? It should be time to post our pieces about Spring (based on the picture prompt I posted last week), but if you’re anything like me, you’ve got something that looks closer to the image on the right here…

The Blank Page

It’s okay. Life happens. The words will show their faces eventually.

In fact, I’ll bet they have. They show themselves in myriad forms: ideas for new stories, scintillating plot twists on your present Work In Progress, and in all those administrative works that come with a writing career. Those take more creativity and energy than you might suspect. Cheer yourself on when you finish that query letter and send it along.

And keep thinking about Spring and the sight of new flowers…. if only because beauty and change can inspire you.

Round 2 Week 8 Wednesday

Sunshine and showers, time for spring flowers…  like these lovely crab apple blossoms from the tree in front of our house.  Enjoy them…  and if you feel up for it, write a short poem about what those first blooms of the year mean to you.  Then, once you’re done, let us see what you’ve written in your check-in one week from now.

As always, here is your linky.  Hope to hear from you, here, in the comments or on our FB thread:

Round 2 Sunday 4

A sense of place….

How much does where you are affect your writing where you get down to practicing your craft?  Are you able to channel your characters in any setting or are you like Alice Walker who once was quoted to attributing her move from New York City to California as necessary because Celie, Shug and other characters in The Color Purple didn’t feel comfortable enough to settle down and talk to her?

Hopefully your need for the perfect place doesn’t exert its force on your lifestyle to that sort of degree often, but maybe you have a favorite spot that just ‘connects’ you, or maybe you (like me) find certain places trigger the right feelings for special scenes.  Maybe you are like a darling lady in our local writing group who writes a certain kind of scene when she orders eggs at Denny’s.  We all grin when she orders, because we know more than her dinner will be hot.

*fans self*

We’ve all got our ways of doing things.  If you’d like to share your favorite (and maybe even some of your awesome outcomes), post a picture or note about it for our Wednesday (Week 5!) Check-in in your post/comment.

Oh! And it’s that time again for today too… tell us how you’re doing at the linky (or our other ways: Facebook, the comment section, or any mix of the three):