Round 1 Check-in 1-22

And we reach yet another Sunday… How has your Round 1 been going for you? Do you feel like you’re making solid forward momentum? Do you feel you need to make a few adjustments? Let us know in your post on the linky.

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Happy New Year, ROCing ROWers!

Here we are, just peeping into a New Year, new goals, new projects, new ideas….

All Things New

Are you ready?

On January 9th, the ROW80 challenge A Round of Words in 80 Days starts ROCing. The ROC80, a Round of Creativity welcoming wordsmiths and artists of all types is an 8- day challenge to offer that little extra connection in these socially disconnected times while challenging its participants to make real progress toward their creative goals.

You need a goal, a measurable goal (you can change it later if you find it doesn’t serve your long term needs), and you need to let us know what that goal is (as well as any others).

So tell us about it! And then, on Wednesdays and Sundays for our check-ins, let us know how you’re progressing. Visit others in the challenge. Support them, get support, maybe even make connections for future projects… Get involved, make friends, and create!

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To Our Loss…

Those of you following our Facebook page have already read the notice, but I feel I should have posted here sooner…. I was just that little bit too raw to write this post then.

Yesterday, one of our ROW80 community, Elizabeth Anne Mitchell passed away from complication of cancer… which I guess is complication enough. I’m still processing the loss of this lovely woman who welcomed me into the ROW80. Since my joining the challenge in 2012, we shared hours of discussion on the joys of medieval history, teas, Gilded Age Mansions, and so much more She shared herself with our creative community as a sponsor regularly…. To quote another member of the group , Mike Young: “She certainly made the world a better place.”

She did. And she is sorely missed.

Finish Line! Celebrate Your Round 2 Wins.

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Round 2 is drawing to a close. This round officially ends on Thursday, June 25 (so we’ve got a bit more time to finish off those last-minute writing sprints and what-not).

Remember to celebrate your successes, big and small! Share your final goals’ check-in with us on Facebook or Discord or in the comments below. And remember to share the love!

We’ll see you next round! Stay safe, be kind, and happy writing!

Round 2 Ends This Week!

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Round 2 is almost at an end–just a few more days before we officially wrap things up on Thursday, June 26. What a strange (and sometimes sad) 80 days it’s been.

It’s okay to be gentle on ourselves if we found our energies drawn to other areas of our lives. It’s also okay to celebrate successes, big or small.

Remember not to compare yourself or your achievements to anyone else’s. After all, the only writer you should compare yourself to is the one you were yesterday!

So, share away–either in the comments below, in the Facebook group, or on Discord!

Stay safe, and happy writing! 

Sunday Check-in: Home Stretch

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Round 2 ends on June 25! We’re so close!

 Are you getting ready to celebrate the sweet taste of success this round? Remember to celebrate, no matter how small the steps taken forward.

Share your goals below, in the Facebook group, or with us on our Discord server. Stay safe, be kind, and happy writing!

Ch-ch-ch-changes: Changes on the Horizon for ROW80

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First of all, thanks to all of you who chimed in during the Facebook Group discussion about A Round of Words in 80 Days. Shan and I are dedicated to making sure this group serves as many writers as possible. To do that, we want to keep up with the changing ways technology is a part of our daily lives.

After much discussion, we’re moving away from blogging as our primary update tool. So, starting in Round 3, if the whole biweekly check-in post thing was overwhelming for you, never fear: you’ll be able to join us on Facebook or Discord for your check-ins (details pending).

We’re also toying with the possibility of doing monthly themed writing chats via Zoom or a similar platform, and hosting weekly writing sprints as well. Stay tuned!

Thanks for being part of the ROW80 community! I’ll be continuing these posts through the end of Round 2, on June 25! So, as always, share your posts and updates below!