nikkistarcatshieldsNikki Starcat Shields is a writer, Mom, licensed priestess, practical mystic, and fae scholar of the mysteries. She loves to share ways she strives to live her personal spirituality, rooted in reverence and joy, even in the midst of a full, busy modern life. Starcat has been an avid reader since birth, which helped her navigate life despite her highly sensitive Virgo nature. Never having been part of any organized religion, Starcat grew up immersed in the world of Mother Nature and the life of the imagination. She has been an actively practicing Pagan for more than 20 years, studying Buddhism and Eastern philosophy, yoga, Earth-based religions, Tarot, quantum metaphysics, and Reiki healing.
Starcat’s passions include creativity, daily spiritual practice, books, expanding her self-love, unschooling, dancing, drumming, and dreaming. She is a hippie-geek hybrid who loves The Grateful Dead and playing Dungeons & Dragons. She believes in creative freedom for all beings, loves diversity, and is always learning. 
As you can probably tell from her name, Starcat adores cats of all stripes. She loves to swim and is one-quarter mermaid. She is constantly changing. She has written two non-fiction books focused on personal spirituality, and has fairly recently begun to delve into fiction writing. Starcat walks her spiritual path in Maine and other faerie-approved lands.
Starcat’s Writing Desk (for writing-related stuff and ROW 80 updates)

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