IMG_20151002_211714Abdeah is an English Literature and Film Studies University of Cape Town graduate born and bred in South Africa, with a keen interest in Social Media and Literature.

She spent her teenage years playing bass in a couple of alternative bands and has always wanted to become a writer. She enjoys both reading and writing speculative fiction – that is everything from YA Science Fiction to Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, and all its subgenres. She has also been blogging for a while though only recently did she did to start a blog about the thing she is most passionate about, that is reading and writing fiction.

You’ll often find her on social media talking about writing when she should be writing, or posting pictures of Thor and Monster (her cats) and her nephew who thinks he’s a ninja turtle. The rest of the time she’s most likely reading cheesy YA fiction or staring at a computer screen thinking about that chapter that she was supposed to write last week while on Pinterest doing ‘research’ but really pinning inspirational quotes and sharing cat memes.

She has a special place in her heart for South African alternative music as well as South African authors and tries her best to show her support in these communities.

She hopes to do an honors degree in English Literature next year, and thereafter a MA in creative writing, all while pursuing a career in Social Media.

One day, when she’s all grown up, she will lecture English at one of Cape Town’s universities.

You can find her on…