Alice McElwee

Social media junkie, yarn hoarder, book addict and writer, Alice McElwee holds a degree in public relations and journalism from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Though she experiments writing across several genres of fiction, her favorite genres to write are science fiction, fantasy and romance (paranormal and contemporary). She maintains a website where she blogs about writing and gives public relations/social media marketing tips to indie authors.

When not writing, she can be found reading just about anything that’s been recommended to her: epic fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, paranormal romance, any romance with with the word Highlander in the title, science fiction, cozy mysteries YA and middlegrade. About the only thing she doesn’t read is horror, and that’s only because she has a little rabbit heart and tends to scare easily. Alice is one of four elite book reviews at Book Addicts.

Alice is also a self-taught knitter. She picked up the hobby more than seven years ago as a way to deal with her trichotillomania. If she’s not writing or reading, it’s safe to say she’s knitting and watching Doctor Who on Netflix. If someone knows of a good way to knit, read and write at the same time, please let her know. She’ll bake you cookies and knit you a hat. Alice has a blog dedicated to knitting at Adorably Alice.

Married to a bagpipe-playing, kilt-wearing Marine (frequently known as the Bagpiper), Alice realizes she’s pretty damn lucky to have found such a great guy who not only gives her money for books and yarn, but doesn’t even blink at the mention of a $200 trip to the bookstore or an $80 trip to the yarn shop.

Alice lives in Arlington, Texas with her Marine husband, frequently referred to as “The Bagpiper”, and her Maltese dog, Sushi. She blogs about life as a Marine wife at: Married to a Marine.

Alice McElwee can be reached via her website, Twitter, Facebook or email.



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