Barbara is a writer.  Her mother notes this began as silent stares from the high chair, watching her older sister toddling about below her.  The observation would go on for hours. A writer’s need for source material develops young.

Barbara started with poems in elementary school—a closet lover of Emily Dickinson mimicking her idol.  When one of her poems, submitted by her sixth grade teacher, was published in an educational journal, Barbara realized she wasn’t just a crazy kid scrawling in notebooks.

Then she found Stephen King, Sylvia Plath and Shakespeare.  The adolescent years brought poems that took on a less romantic tone.  In college, the poetry evolved into fiction.  Her short stories were birthed with dark, human themes.  Suspense at each corner and the potential for horror waiting at the end.

Today, Barbara still writes for thrills and chills.  She balances days in the business world with blogging about all things pop culture, writing, music and life, recapping performance reality shows and progress on a novel focusing on redemption and forgiveness (and if that can/should be given in all circumstances).  Barbara now relishes in coffee, cats, crime dramas, crochet, conspiracy theories and chocolate.  Late into the night, she can be spotted dancing in the moonlight.

You can catch up with Barbara at her blog, Twitter, and Goodreads.  Want to chat offline or longer than 140 characters?  Ping her at bjmcdow8 (at) gmail (dot) com.  She likes to make new friends.



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