Craig Hansen may not seem like a novelist, because he’s spent the first half of his life doing everything but writing novels — including becoming an award-winning journalist in two states, an editor for a small press, a veteran videogame reviewer and, lately, a Messianic rabbi in training. However, as his life enters its second half, he’s finally ready to break out as a novelist.

His current project, EMBER, is about a high school girl with a fiery personality and a mysterious past who doesn’t want supernatural powers but to lead a quiet, normal life and maybe find out who her real father is; but Ember Cole can’t always get what she wants in this supernatural thriller that’s part CARRIE, part FIRESTARTER and part something all its own.

His publication credits outside of journalism include a story, “Chardae’s Thousand and One Nights,” in Girls To the Rescue (Meadowbrook Press), a true-crime essay, “Romanticizing Mary Jany Kelly” in Ripper Notes #28, and the short story “Shall Arise First,” which was initially published as part of Amanda Hocking’s Zombiepalooza event and is now available for free on his website.

Craig is available for pep talks as needed. You can find him hanging out at Kindleboards, or on Goodreads, Twitter, his website or via email at: craig (at) craig (dash) hansen (dot) com.

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