Elizabeth Mitchell has a fascination for language and literary history of ideas, which she combines with her training in medieval literature to seed her historical fiction and narrative non-fiction writing, Recently, steampunk and other “pure” fiction plot bunnies have begun to haunt her sleep and cause her to question her sanity.  Leavekeeping is her RoW80 accountability blog. Lapidary Prose has posts on literary history and ruminations on language, while Elizabeth Anne Mitchell contains thoughts on writing, music, and life. She is also on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

11 thoughts on “Elizabeth Mitchell

  1. You knocked this one out of the park, Elizabeth! This is such a thoughtful, inspirational post; “get out of your own way” is brilliant. I really needed this post; thanks so much.

    1. Not enough coffee for me this morning; my comment is for your “Figuring Out What Works” inspirational post but your bio is also inspirational.

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