Emily Witt

Emily grew up in a tiny rural community with very few interesting people and as such turned to writing as a way to escape. The earliest thing she remembers writing is a short piece in first grade about what job she would do in the circus. Ever the over-achiever, Emily wrote about being a clown and an acrobat and a lion-tamer and a trapeze artist.

Now, she has a BA in Art History and Curatorship and actually earns her keep working at the Australian War Memorial. When she’s not cataloguing the correspondence files of the 2nd Australian Light Horse Brigade in Egypt 1941-43 and not perched on her bed, writing, she enjoys musical theatre, singing and playing keyboard, and reading. She can often be found with a mug of frothy hot chocolate in hand, or dancing around her house like an idiot while loudly belting show-tunes, and then subsequently telling the cat to stop judging her.

You can find Emily in various places across the Internet, including  her BlogTwitterGoodReads, and Pinterest.


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