Jennifer Eaton

I have been writing ever since the bug hit me in high school, when for some demented reason I decided to write a story for my friends. I ended up writing one chapter a night (under high peer pressure) and 400 or so (single spaced—OUCH) pages later, I had my first novel.

Now, I would never let ANYONE read Common Currency today. (That is what that first novel is called) But I am incredibly proud of it, because I actually did it. And, considering… it was pretty good. I even got kudos from the three teachers that I asked to read it.

Well, three kids and several novels later, I have decided to actually try to get something published. To me, writing has been more of a pleasure sport. I really enjoy the process, and the creation of a new world. Entering the world of publishing, though, just seemed like too much work. (And I was right, it is)

You know what I was missing out on all these years, though? BETA READING

I’ve really learned a lot from my beta partners, and have found some really good friends. They have made me a better writer, and have also made me a better reader.

My only hope is that I have done the same for them!

Currently, I am querying HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, Book One of the Castillia’s Chosen Son Series, and Last Winter Red, a stand-alone novelette.


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