Julie Glover is a city girl from the Lone Star State. She owns both go-go boots and cowboy boots, has been to Broadway shows and rodeos, enjoys chateaubriand and rattlesnake sausage, and listens to Led Zeppelin and Rascal Flatts. 

Raised on Nancy Drew and Laura Ingalls Wilder, she spent much of her childhood making up stories in her head. Inspired by tough-minded women and her own stubborn will, Julie’s imaginary damsels were never in deepdistress: They were able to vanquish the dragons themselves and still get the happily-ever-after prince. 

Julie has a teen romance, “Color Me Happy,” published in Orange Karen: An Anthology, will be publishing a series of young adult paranormal stories in 2014, and is working on both middle grade and young adult novels.

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