K. L. Stevens

K. L. Stevens, also known as Kristen, was born in a little ‘burb outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was raised by her mother and grandmother (the two most awesome women in the world) to be a strong, independent woman who valued education, literacy, and the art of kicking butt.

When she grew old enough, she abandoned those awesome women and moved 3,000 miles away to Seattle, Washington, where she now lives, works, and writes.

Kristen is a gamer, role player, writer, editor, and graphic artist. With a degree in Multimedia Design, she works as a marketer for a Seattle engineering firm. She loves gloomy weather, good books, and food made from animals, as well as torturing her characters and spending time with her amazing husband.

If she isn’t working or writing, she’s playing some relaxing video games. Or watching horror movies. Or reading. She likes reading.

You can find Kristen on Twitter (@KL_Stevens) or on her poorly updated blog (www.klstevens.com).


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