K. M. Huber

KM (Karen) Huber believes life begins at sixty, which happens to be her age in 2012, the year she will join the Mayans in tossing out the calendar for time really is just one moment after another.


For over thirty years, writing has been Karen’s strongest ally in extricating herself out of one situation and sometimes right into another. Infrequently, she found s time to write short stories, a few poems, and draft a novel. Occasionally, publications wanted her writing for free and one magazine offered payment. She said yes to all and still does.


Professionally, she found writing employment as the city editor of a statewide newspaper; years later, she finished her journalism career as the “Fly on a Wall” columnist for a tiny, weekly newspaper.


Eventually, she turned to teaching writing at a university and community colleges. She was surprised to receive research and teaching awards that came with money but it was time for a change so she moved from Wyoming to Florida. After nine years in public service, she retired in 2009 but continues to provide technical assistance to nonprofit organizations, in particular elderly animal sanctuaries.


Karen’s guiding principle is Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” or quantum entanglement, a term that provides Karen a lifelong mantra, as if she needed one.


Her blog is http://kmhubersblog.com; her infrequent tweets may be read at KM_Huber.






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