Kerry Meacham

Kerry Meacham is a Southern boy living in The Midwest.  His wife of 33 years keeps him on the straight and narrow, his 28-year-old daughter is the apple of his eye, and his two Yorkshire Terriers (Annie & Clooney) greet him each night like they haven’t seen him in months.

Born and living most of his life in Tennessee, Kerry has had stops in Illinois, Florida, and Alabama before landing in his current home in Missouri.  He’s had jobs as a hay hauler, burger flipper, dock hand, trash picker-upper, sawyer, pest controller, cemetery lot salesperson, boilermaker, conveyor installer, welder, shop foreman, conveyor salesperson, sales manager, VP sales, and currently general manager.  His tastes, like his job list, are a mix of many things.  Musical tastes vary from Bach to Ozzy, Enya to Nelly, and Yo-Yo Ma to Pearl Jam.  Book tastes vary from “To Kill a Mockingbird” to “7 Habits” to “The Preacher’s Wife” to “The Great Santini” to “Helter Skelter” to “The Secret” and on, and on, and on.

He enjoys Southern things most of all, and he blogs about them on Mashed Potato Monday, Sweet Tea Tuesday, and Fried Green Tomato Friday.  He offers people glasses of iced sweet tea and a rocking chair on his front porch.  He tells them stories of what it’s like to be Southern, and enjoys everyone’s comments about how they can relate to these stories even if they’re not from The South.

Kerry has written poetry and songs since his teens, but he has only recently started writing novel length fiction.  Even though he is working on numerous stories, the common thread is The South.  He loves participating in ROW80, Warrior Writer Boot Camp, NaNoWriMo, Twitter, and commenting on great blogs.  He welcomes new online friends and hopes everyone enjoys their life as much as he does his.





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