Kim Switzer

Kim Switzer learned to read at age three in self-defense; she couldn’t get enough stories any other way.  Soon she was telling stories of her own, first to her dolls, then to classmates in the lunch line and at recess.  Later she told her stories to teachers, and in middle school she started writing them down.  She won a short story writing contest with a cash prize in 8th grade, and her writing career was launched.

There followed years of story snippets and teenaged poetry, journalism study, and English and education degrees, writing classes and writing groups, and reading a vast array of books and articles on writing until finally she started putting the writing first, made a commitment to it and is on her way to finishing her first novel.

In addition to writing, she is putting all of her creative experience to work for others as a certified Kaizen-Muse™ creativity coach working with writers and other creatives to help them live their creative dreams. You can visit her on her website, MuseCraft™, on her Facebook page, or follow along on Twitter.


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