Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts is a creative mutt. He loves storytelling in a wide variety of formats, making music, and discussing the creative process with artists. In between the day job and spending time with his wife and kids, he sneaks in opportunities for writing.

Michael’s most recent work can be found at Revive Your Creativity and at The Hidden. Revive Your Creativity is focused on motivation and productivity tips for new artists of all sorts (even writers!), and The Hidden is a retro comic book series featuring classic horror movie monsters. The comic book series draws a lot of inspiration from series like Hellboy and BPRD.


Sweltering New Orleans is the current home base for the geeky scribe, though he has lived in several cities around the United States. Before returning to the bayou, Michael also lived in Nashville, TN and Charlotte, NC. Each location gave him a chance to learn more about the differences between people in various parts of the world, and he uses the experience to help shape characters in his stories. The reader would likely not be surprised to learn that many of his stories take place in the South.

Michael is a sucker for online writing challenges and is more than happy to jump into ROW80. You’ll find Michael on Twitter for some early morning writing encouragement, on Google+ if you happen to find yourself there, and on his personal blog  for ROW80 updates.



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