Mike Young was born and raised in Kirkland Lake, a small northern mining town.

He grew up with a love of the north, winter or summer, exploring the surrounding woods with his friends and grandfather. He moved down south in his 20’s to follow a career in quality management, but his real pleasure was still heading outside the city, with canoe and tent.

Several years into retirement he decided to try writing, and he hasn’t stopped since. He’s published two books so far, Kirk’s Landing, and Return to Kirk’s Landing. Both are available in print or ebook from Amazon, and as an ebook frMike Youngom sources such as Apple, Kobo, and Smashwords. He has five more drafts of novels waiting for his red editing pen, all sci-fi or fantasy, with protagonists young and old, male and female. He also loves using Flash Fiction to try out characters and plot ideas, and has over 100 of those stories up on his web page. 

In addition to writing, Mike is an avid reader of mostly thrillers, sci-fi, and fantasy, follows and comments on political issues, visits his children and grandchildren in town, and drives a truck around North America and Europe. Yes, video games tempt him too. But he’s been a ROW80 supporter for years, and appreciates the balance it encourages him to seek, while adding the peer pressure to keep a focus on writing.