Growing up in Western Canada, Nicole Basaraba was always skipping to her own beat. Not being a hockey fan, having no skills in skiing or snowboarding, always being cold, and having never tasted maple syrup, she is what you might call a “bad” Canadian. After graduating university and always dreaming of seeing Europe, Nicole moved to Brussels, Belgium to live, work and travel of course. She soon discovered that there is more to Belgium than just its delicious chocolate so she decided to stay in Europe for an undetermined period. Working in print publishing and website content management by day, she also writes travel articles, book reviews, lifestyle/culture articles about living in Europe by night and is working on her first novel.

2 thoughts on “Nicole Basaraba

  1. What an incredibly refreshing post on writing yet the first sentence in your bio sums up your post beautifully: you skip/write to your own beat. Good for you. I look forward to reading your novel and following your blog.


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