Ryan King

Ryan wrote his first fantasy story at age fourteen when he discovered that writing about the lands and magic of centuries past was quite a bit easier than hunting for magical portals to transport him there. Since then he’s published short stories and quite a bit poetry but still hasn’t found one those illusive magical portals just yet.
At heart he’ll always be a Tar Heel, but now he lives in Georgia with his wife, son and two furballs.  If he’s not working on his latest fantasy story, you can find him reading, people watching at Starbucks or secretly swinging lightsabers around in the backyard. Maps to hidden magical portals are always welcome.
You can find him on Twitter @RyanKingOnline or on his blog at http://ryankingonline.com


  1. I’m glad that I participated in the first ROW 80. Ryan, I honestly didn’t know what I was doing, just blalurping out 750 words that were vaguely related into a column-type theme. I have never even attempted output of this level. I fell in love with it all and you all, so I’m here for the duration, happily scribbling about my other blog for Dads and Moms (fake contest-type thing) in my journal and messing around with my WIP for my book! Now, I’m scared. The Fool is either hiding, or has left completely. Thanks.

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