Sandy Taylor Fowke

Sandy Taylor Fowke was born and currently lives in Queensland, Australia and she has been writing and making up stories since before she could remember.  She has written and indie published several erotic romances under a pseudonym she’s too embarrassed to reveal  and that is pretty much why she’s making a fresh start under her real name in the more mainstream genre of YA.  Well that and the fact that even at the age of 30 she still reads YA with a sort of ravenous fear inducing mania.  And somewhere in there she made the decision that if she couldn’t OWN her writing then maybe she was in the wrong place (or wrong genre).

After years of full-time motherhood, then working for minimum wage, one day she cracked – Told her husband where he could stick his bulls**t and took control of her life!  She’s now studying for a Bachelor of Arts at Curtin University and is writing up a storm working on two novella series, a reboot of her all time favorite book, Dracula, as BlogFiction (just for fun) and maintaining a Blog: The Ravished Reputation of Lucy Westenra.

If you want to find Sandy on the Web, check her out here:

Dracula Journals:


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