Shan Jeniah doesn’t condense well into a few simple lines of text. These words can only trace the shape of her, hint at the light and shadows within.
There are words that apply to her: writer, mother, lover, adventurer, wife, reader, seeker, learner, mentor, partner, intuitive, delver, playful spirit, ambassador, advocate, talker, listener. strewer of joy into the lives of others, singer, sensualist, awakening, passionate, faithful, spontaneous, strong, daring, caring, sharing, wide-eyed wanderer.
Shan lives widely and deeply. She’s lived variously amongst alligators, bison, rain forests, and mountains.  She has known tremendous joy and staggering loss, learned from both, and grown richer.
Shan is still learning herself, in many roles – and who she is when all the roles fall away, and she is alone with herself….
She strives to live in joyful harmony with her family and the wider world, and to reconcile an abusive family dynamic during her childhood with the increasingly peaceful life she lives today; to balance the darker parts of her character with her ideals. and to practice compassion.

Now in her early 40s, she’s realized that writing is the thread that weaves through all the other parts of her life. It’s touchstone, therapy, path to understanding, and her offering to the world.
Twitter: @ShanJeniah

Writing Blog: shanjeniah
Unschooling/Life Blog: The Unfettered Life

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