Starr Bryson

Bio ShotStarr works from her home in Pittsburgh as a freelance writer. Her creative writing ranges from humor laced snarkfests, gritty and painfully raw non-fiction all the way to her recently discovered dark world of Erotica. (“It pays the bills!” she proclaims.) The author behind The Insomniac’s Dream, she claims blogging was only the beginning of an amazing freelancing career.

She also writes fiction and is working on a book in her spare time, around all of her other deadlines and in between raising two fantastically funny and disgusting tween boys.

Starr is always so busy, and has failed many times in the past with NaNo and other lofty writing goals.  She writes 8 hours a day for other people, and finds it hard to eek out the time to write for herself.  She’s decided that A Round of Words in 80 Days is the perfect way to make attainable goals for herself and make writing a priority in her life- while working around her hectic schedule.

Starr loves Halloween, Zombies, and all things horror. She aspires to be a Vampire someday.  She enjoys adult grape juice, reading in her non existent spare time, and connecting with other writers, bloggers, and her readers.

Her claim to fame is her caustic wit, copious swears, and an ongoing battle with insomnia.  You can catch up with Starr on her blog, Facebook, and Twitter.





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