Live The Life You Imagined

A Round of Words in 80 Days is meant to remind us writers that we have lives outside of writing. Not only that, but the life outside of writing is often what inspires us to write in the first place! My inspirational post will be short today because I want to practice what I preach. I want to get out there and live.

I don’t only want to get out there and live, I want to live the life I imagined. Here’s a secret of mine: I’ve been in the real world for ten months (I went straight to grad school after undergrad, so I’ve been in school the last seven years). It has been a tough transition because I understood the academic system like the back of my hand. I still don’t quite understand this whole “working for a paycheck” vs “working for the love of it.” A week or so ago, however, I realized that maybe I’m just looking at things with the wrong attitude.

When I was little, I imagined I would be a published author by the time I was 25. Check. I wanted to have my own place, be independent. Check and check. Now, I don’t have a husband, which I thought I would by this point, but doesn’t every 16-year-old think that? If this is something I want, truly, then I need to be out there living rather than writing alone.

I’m not saying don’t write. Just don’t write alone. Go to a coffee shop, library, wi-fi enabled restaurant if you write on the computer. Go to the park and write in your journal. Surround yourself with people and engage them when the opportunity strikes. You never know what might happen. Perhaps you will have a conversation that inspires your next chapter or book.

At the end of the day, your experience with ROW80 is determined by your attitude and availability. Where do you see yourself when this round is complete? Can you imagine it? What do you have to do to get there?

Whatever it is, get out there and do it. Why wait? Live the life you imagine you will be living in June today.


Belinda Kroll

Breaking Up Your Goals by Belinda Kroll

The thing about writing goals, with any goals, really, is they always seem like some distant, nebulous event that you may or may not ever reach. Which to me, is the inherent problem with goals. Goals aren’t events, meaning once you reach the goal, you might not feel the elation of reaching the goal because you’re already thinking: “What’s next?”

The problem with goals is we often choose goals that are a conglomeration of a lot of little goals. This is what I would like to talk about: the breaking up of a big goal into little goals so that you can actually accomplish your goal.

My goal for this first round is to finish edits and release my short story/poetry anthology, Love or Lack Thereof. Already this has been broken into smaller goals of writing and editing each poem and short story to the best of my ability. With each story, I can break it down into smaller goals still: characterization, motivation, plot twists, conflicts. I know I need to have the pieces done in time to get to my editor for cleaning, and then I have to format the anthology for publication.

Are you having trouble with your goal? Did you make a goal that is now seeming a bit more than you can chew? What to do, what to do?!

Imagine you are the hero in the story of your life. You have a goal in mind for this round of 80 days which requires smaller successes and triumphs to accomplish it. You will have conflicts such as life events that will get in your way. How will you surmount these conflicts? Do you have a plan?

Either way, here’s a hug from me as congratulations for trying this ROW80 out in the first place. Good for you for trying. Now that we’ve gotten that taken care of, take a look at your goal and change it so you CAN accomplish it. Accomplishing something small is better than accomplishing nothing at all. Best of luck!


Belinda Kroll