Round 3 Week 11 Sunday

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Good Morning!

It’s that time again!  Have you all been planning for Round 4?  Hope so, because it’s almost here.  Wednesday will be the final day of Round 3; then as usual, we’ll take a 10 day break to settle ourselves in for the face to 2019 (also known as Round 4).  Do you need help setting your goals?  Do you want to suggest changes we could implement into Round 4 (or next year)?

Use the comments or our FB discussion group to let us know.  And don’t forget to share your updates,

Round 3 Week 11 Wednesday

Oops!  I missed again here today.  Have been trying to reset my sleep schedule for England and had to go to Lowes for cabinetry today, and well…  just plum forgot about online stuff.  Sorry, folks.

I guess that tells you how much I’ve been able to do with MY writing lately.  How about you?  Have you been having any success getting your words in?

Let us know in the comments:

Round 3 Week 10 Sunday

Oops!  Dropped the ball this time….  Distracted as usual.  You too?  It is a busy time of time of the year for a lot of us.  Let’s just make sure we take some time each day for our writing too.

How do you carve out moments for wordcrafting?  Tell us in your check-in below.

Round 3 Sunday Week 9

It’s the Sunday check-in.  Here in the balmy wilds of Upstate New York, we’re also enjoying the end of summer and the approach of Labor Day.  For some it’s time to send kids to school, for others, it’s time to gather up apple-picking equipment for the annual harvest.

Whatever way you celebrate this change of seasons, may you also do so with words and creative energy.

Remember, we’re leaving our check-ins here in the comments, either as a comment or a link for the rest of the ROWnd.

Round 3 Wednesday Week 9

Well come to another week of writing and progress and all-around good stuff.

At least I hope there’s been good stuff for you.  Let us know in the comments (or in the FB thread) how things are going. (We’ll be keeping with this “comments only” style of checking in for the rest of the year… or longer if you all find you prefer it).


Round 3 Week 8 Sunday

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Good Morning!

This may seem arbitrary… though it’s definitely not, but today I’m trying out the “not using the linky” for sharing our posts and progress.  It’s just that I realized I need a little time to see how the process will work for us (and if there are any adjustments I need to make) before I leave and have no chance of making other arrangements,

So here it is… this IS your check-in.  Post your links or progress here in the comments or on our FB page, and let’ make this thing happen, folks.

Round 3 Wednesday Week 8

I don’t have any specific Wednesday cheer to share with you…  well, save that it’s been a lovely couple of productive days (and that’s certainly reason enough to cheer in this house, wouldn’t you say?)

I do have a linky for you and my decision on how we’ll be handling things for our upcoming Round 4.  We won’t be using the linky (except for the Goals Post that I’ll make at the beginning of the ROWnd).  You’ll still have the option of leaving your links in the comments of the check-in posts here or on the pinned post of our Facebook group.

Just a little streamlining…  If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask

Round 3 Week 7 Sunday

Now smoothly past the middle of our Round of Words here, it’s time (at least if you’re me) to take stock of our progress, our achievements and failures (few though they surely must be*) and set out course to best make use of the remaining weeks.

Me?  I know I need to work on organization and streamlining this whole blogging process.

How about you?  Let us know at the linky or any of our other friendly methods of sharing:

* There are no failures in writing… well, except to not write ever. However, setbacks do exist, and they often have useful things to tell us.