Round 3 Wednesday Week 8

I don’t have any specific Wednesday cheer to share with you…  well, save that it’s been a lovely couple of productive days (and that’s certainly reason enough to cheer in this house, wouldn’t you say?)

I do have a linky for you and my decision on how we’ll be handling things for our upcoming Round 4.  We won’t be using the linky (except for the Goals Post that I’ll make at the beginning of the ROWnd).  You’ll still have the option of leaving your links in the comments of the check-in posts here or on the pinned post of our Facebook group.

Just a little streamlining…  If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask


Round 3 Week 7 Sunday

Now smoothly past the middle of our Round of Words here, it’s time (at least if you’re me) to take stock of our progress, our achievements and failures (few though they surely must be*) and set out course to best make use of the remaining weeks.

Me?  I know I need to work on organization and streamlining this whole blogging process.

How about you?  Let us know at the linky or any of our other friendly methods of sharing:

* There are no failures in writing… well, except to not write ever. However, setbacks do exist, and they often have useful things to tell us.

Round 3 Wednesday Check-in 7

Hi all!

How about some more Wednesday cheer…  oh and a serious question from yours truly about the upcoming Round 4?

First, today’s cheer…

As some of you may know, things have been a little cray-cray here at Chez Mabee as we plot our move (first one in almost 20 years) to New Jersey.  It’s a project, and we have a few other projects to deal with just to make it happen.  That said, in the midst of all the doing and more doing, a local ROWer, Elizabeth Anne Mitchell, has helped with emotional support (and lots of writing encouragement even if we aren’t always posting our achievements).  So here’s my cheer to you, Elizabeth

Did I say I have a question for you about Round 4?  Well, I do.  You see, in addition to plotting a move and renovating our house, we’ve also got a decently long trip overseas happening right at the beginning of Round 4.  I can set up some pages, but I can promise to be here to run most of them after the first two weeks…  and that just isn’t fair to all of you.  The big issue is the linky….  so, would you all be okay with using the comments or the Facebook thread for your check-ins for Round 4?

If you hadn’t seen the FB thread, our delightful Denise Young will be hosting many of the blog posts for that time (that Thank You is for you too, Denise).

Think that’s it for today…

Oh! Here’s your linky for today:

Round 3 Week 6 Wednesday

Welcome back for some more Wednesday Cheer!

ROWers are an awesome bunch.  We write, we hold jobs, volunteer, have families…  and some of even publish our stories.  😀  Let’s give a quick cheer to ROWer Gloria Weber who recently published her short story The Mermaid and the Snail with Aurora Wolf publishing.  You can find a link to the piece, and her other works, here on her blog.

Cheers to you, Gloria!

And as always, if you have some Wednesday cheer you’d like to pass along, let me know.

Until then, how about a linky?

Round 3 Week 5 Sunday

Have any of you ever spent too much time browsing Pinterest?  My latest addiction there (beyond the clothing style images, the home design images and the potential character images is now…  word images.

Here’s one that seems perfect for we ROWers:

If only it were always that easy, eh?

Then again, art is art is art. Crafting words involves as much design and detailing as sculpture or orchestration.

So here’s to the perfect (or at least pretty darned awesome) words and phrases we’ll come up with… Tell us about yours at the linky:

Round 3 Wednesday Check-in 5

More Wednesday Cheer!

As many of you involved in the ROW80 know, this has been an extra cray-cray couple of months for a few of us.  Even too much good change can be exhausting, and sadly not all news can be good.

That said, I’d like to make a Shout Out to ROWer Beth Camp for pitching in last week and posting things to the Facebook group when both Shan and I blarged a bit.  Thank you, Beth!  (And thanks also for linking to that article about writing memorable villains.)

And now for your linky…. have at it, folks.

Round 3 Week 4 Wednesday

More Wednesday Cheer!

You know who your fabulous fellow ROWers are don’t you?  All of them?  Well, in case you don’t, let me introduce you to another wonderful member of our group, our send FB admin, Denise Young.  Between Denise and Shan we’re set for any problems the Book of Faces might toss at us.  And some of those can be daunting…  though no less frightening than facing the mercies of the Presser of Words.  😉

Time for a check-in as well.  You know what to do.  Here’s your linky:

BTW, if you’ve got kudos to mention in the Wednesday cheer, let us know.

Round 3 Week 3 Sunday

As we drift beyond our Threes, let us pause to take in the scenery, the beauty of the day… and the words it may inspire. There are whole worlds to explore, just beyond those trees!  So let’s write, let’s create…  and let’s share our progress (or lack thereof) with our fellow ROWers so we can encourage each other to greater discoveries.

Image courtesy of Digital Universe backgrounds

As always, here is your linky. Let us know how you’re doing: here, in the comments or at the linky, or at our Facebook page.