Sunday Check-in

Welcome to another weekly check-in…  somewhat late yet again.  I’m still trying to figure out all the tweaks our ROW80 creator (the delightful Kait Nolan) made to the site when she was preparing to close down the blog half of the ROund of Words for good.

So many of these tweaks are just little things, like the “Join the Challenge” tag in the bar above us that tosses everyone right into the Facebook Group, even if they aren’t Facebook fans…  It’s not a big thing, so much as a bit of an “I don’t usually think of it” sort of thing.  So…  a smallish request, if you would.

Please let me know in the comments below if you try a link and it works oddly.  Or if you just can’t find the information you’re looking for…

This is your ROW80 too.

And, given that… lets tell us how you all are doing:

Oh! and a bit of a FYI since this (possibly temporary) linky setup seems to have confused a few people, here’s how you do it:

  1. add your blog URL
  2. add your name
  3. add your email (this is not published)
  4. click “Enter your link”
  5. done…  unless you want to use the Tweet/FB feature

And there!  Have an awesome Writer’s Week!

Way Late Wednesday Check-In

Okay, so not “way” late, but late enough…  It was supposed to go up so it could trigger at the stroke of midnight.  Oh well…  It’s still here, and if you were looking, our wonderful Shan Jeniah posted the Facebook linky on time, so you could catch us somewhere.

How’s your writing week going?  Any wonderful new words?  If so, add you link to the little blue frog:

Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

You may have noticed we didn’t have an inspirational post on Monday.  This is partly because Monday was a holiday in the US (and ergo my brain thought it was Sunday, so I didn’t think to track something down).  It’s also because I didn’t have enough sponsors this round.  This will be leading to some changes in how the challenge proceeds in Round 4 this year.  But I’ll be talking more about that later.  Let’s get through the rest of this Round first.  How are you doing on those goals?

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