Round 1 Week 2 Sunday

I have a question for all of you creatives…  What is your opinion of how recent changes in technology have changed your creative process?  Do any of them make you worried?  Excite you?  Confuse?

I ask, because I am a huge library lover (especially for reference books and those huge tomes I would love to fill my house with, but my husband would rather I did not), and one of my favorite online resources is The Internet Archive.  The access to rare and out of print resources the IA offers to someone like me, who lives out in the boonies but is blessed to have solid cable-modem service, a way to look up odd bits and see old texts (such as this example…  my son found volumes 2-4 at a book sale and wanted to read them, but we couldn’t find the 1st volume at the time).  However…  its recent project The Open Library is stirring up some controversy in some circles because of copyright violation.

I am a bit divided on this issue.  I do believe that we need more ways for people to access books, but theft stinks, even unintentional thievery (which is what these seem to be, since the files have an active DRM protection on them).  The problem is that there are people out there who are stripping off this copyright protection and then reposting authors works as their own because of the formats used to make the books available o the Open Library, depriving those who did the real, creative hard-work of credit and pay.

Something’s got to give…  I have my own ideas for possible solutions.  How about you?  Have you had any experience (good or bad) with the Internet Archive/Open library or with pirating?  Do you think technology is making more problems for writers or offering some of the best solutions?

No matter what is happening in the publishing world however, we at the ROW80 have your check-ins covered. You can post here at out little linky froggie, on our Facebook page, in the comments below, or any combination of the three. Just let us know how you’re doing. We lover to hear from you.


Round 1 Week 2 Wednesday Check-in

Yeesh!   Look at that.  I wish I knew a better format for these check-in blog titles.  They’re so very long…  and to be honest, a bit dull.  They do get right to the point though.

Any suggestions from you all?  I’d love a few.

I’d love a few suggestions in other places too.  What sort of things would you like from the ROW80 (things you’d prefer more or less of, things you’ve seen elsewhere, things you’d like us to try or things we should stop doing)?

One of these days I’ll figure out a good shorthand for these post titles…  until then, here’s your newest linky.  Post any progress, setbacks or concern regarding your goals (or writing in general…  we’re not only here to help, but we love talking wordcraft) here (linky or comments), in our Facebook group, or all three:

Week 2 Sunday Check-in

Well, there we are—our first week of 2018 down…  just another 11 (or 51 depending on your destination) to go!

How did it go for you?  Have you been scoring all the points or has the start been a bit shaky for you thus far?  Wherever you find yourself along the way to achieving your goals, you’re on the path.  That counts for a lot.

So leave an update in the comments, at the linky or on our FB page (or all three if you’re feeling adventurous).  We’d love to hear from you:

Round 1 1st Wednesday Check-in

As always, the first check-in of a round can feel a bit… well, pointless might be a good word.  It’s not as if we’ve had time to make serious strides on our goals, nor have we had a chance to see what is working or what isn’t yet… not really.

Thing is, it is important to take stock regularly.  Everyday can be perfect for some people.  Others manage just fine with a once-a-week or monthly schedule.  It’s the consistency that matters.  And…  it also helps to not wait too long before the first review.  The sooner the first chance you take to check in on yourself, the sooner you can see if things are working or not.

The sooner you can figure out if the path you’re on will get you where you are trying to go, or if you’ll have to backtrack a mile or more to find the right exit on the expressway.

Not that missing a turn is always a bad thing either.  Sometimes there are new and fascinating discoveries to be made.

Even then, it helps to know where you were intending to go and how far afield you might be.

So here it is, the first check-in and first linky of a new year.  May you be exactly where you want to be, whether you’re right on target or meandering peacefully for a moment or two.

Oh, and here is a lovely advice/opinion piece a fellow writer from the Facebook iWriteNetwork group posted with an eye to the journey and what it means to be a writer…    Roxanne Gay: Advice to Aspiring Dreamers

Round 4 Check-in 23


Wow…  A whole year of words!  Who would have believed it?

All of you with that little thought bouncing in the back of your head with the piping voice crying “Me! Me!  I knew it would happen!” should be patting yourselves on the back.  It’s that faith in yourself that will keep you moving forward, in writing and everything else you choose to do.

For those of you who now looking back at all you’ve accomplished with a slight glaze in your eyes, as you realize what an amazing year for your productivity it was despite all the delays and distractions and well, Life… you should pat yourselves on the back too.  You persevered in the face of doubts and misgivings.  You faced up to distractions, and you wrote.

For those of you looking at the years with regrets though…  don’t.  Pat yourselves on the back as well.  Comfort yourself in the truth that Life Happens, things is out of control sometimes and whether we wish to or not, we can get lost in the constantly shifting tides of “busy” that hover around us, waiting for a moment to draw our attention.  Did you write at all last year?  Then build on that.

A new year and a new round of words are both just around the corner.

For now, here’s the linky. Feel free to post your check-in blog post at it, or if you just want to quick update us, a comment on this post or at our FB page works fine too.

Remember, Wednesday is the last day of this round and the final check-in of 2017.  Sunday I will be posting the “goals post” where you can make your plans for the next round.

Round 4 Check-in 22

Writers Write

So here we are at the end of another wonderful Round of Words (well, pretty close to it).  At certain times, it can seem like 80 days is a long time to be working on a single set of goals.  For myself, I feel I need a full year, and more.

The ROW80 is the challenge that knows you have a life, in part because our goals are directly involved in our lives.  From our choice to be writers and write regularly to our choices to make time in the midst of our busy lives to work steadily toward that goal.  Something like that doesn’t last just a week or even a round…  So, as we approach a new year and a new round, take some time to consider, what steps will bring you just that bit closer to being that writer.  And what steps will keep you one if that is your goal.

And as always…  here’s the linky for your check-in.  Let us know how you’re doing, here on our Facebook page, or both: