Double Oops, Round 1 Check-in

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Yep.. sorry, I missed a few check-ins. Been icky, icky sick and when it came down to it, blogging was not all that high on my get-well priority list.

As I imagine it isn’t usually for you ROWers either. When it comes to self-care, writers can be an odd lot, but we know we need to do certain things to maintain our mental prowess. Sometimes it’s reading, or journaling… or, in my case, sleeping under a lot of blankets and drinking warm herbal tea for a couple of days in a very dark room (no lights please… they really hurt).

But I digress. It’s easy to let things slide when we’re trying to achieve our dreams. Little things first, but then more stuff gets se aside. And it does give one cause to consider one’s focus. Not making the weekly check-in or blogging less than planned might not be that bg of a deal in the long term, but when one finds her- or himself doing this sort of thing regularly, it might be cause to reassess those beginning of the ROWnd goals.

Have you wondered if you need to reassess your goals? What do you think you’ll be doing from now on?

Tell us below or on our FB page. Sorry, no linky today. That involves some computer magic just don’t have the energy for at the moment.


Round 1 Check-in 2/12/20

Hey all! Ahem… (sorry for the cough, we’ve been a bit icky sick here at your ROW80 blog headquarters)

It’s well into the second half of this Round of Words, your 80 Day playground of words and creative energy. How’s it been going for you? Any new news to report? Have you discovered a great idea, formulated a plan for the future, done some awesome daydreaming? Let us know in the linky below. Or, if you’d like, you can always post a link or update in the comments below or on our FB page.

Round 1 Check-in 2/9/20

There will… be bad days. We’ve had a fair amount of them here lately at Chez Mabee. My husband, who never takes time off of work, stayed home the past four days sick.

So, there’s no linky today Not feeling up to setting it up (really, not up to dealing with the office and my real computer and the chaos there). Sorry.

You know what to do anyway. Have a great week.

Round 1 Check-in 2/5/20

We’re MORE than halfway… so yeah, you CAN do it!

Halfway there… it happens when you decide you are going to do something, when you decide to become an active participant in achieving your dreams. You made this happen. You chose to write, to create… to become more of the person you dreamed of being.

And now we’d love for you to share how that feels with us. Here’s your linky. Toss us some news of how this grand step feels, here or on our FB page.

Round 1 Check-in 2/2/20

Thinking, thinking

Sometimes, despite all our best intentions, it can be hard to get our heads into the game (so to speak), and we find ourselves staring more often into space daydreaming of characters and plots than actually putting words on the page. If you’ve found yourself in that place at the moment, don’t fret. The ROW80 is the Writing Challenge that KNOWS you have a life, and sometimes life comes with distraction and lack of focus.

Challenges are a part of life. And life is where the best stories come from. So allow yourself to indulge (occasionally) in these little difficulties. They will bring depth and realism to your writing. Just remember, you have to pick up the pen (or keyboard) and get those words written eventually. Even daydreamers wake up eventually. 🙂

Oh, and here is your linky:

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Round 1Check-in 1/29/20

Wenesday Cheer courtesy of

Hey all.  Sorry for a non-linky post, but this needs to be quick and, I’m not near my PC to set up a full post.

It’s Check-in time!  Got news you’d like to share, progress on your goals, looking for some cheers and/or support?  Tell us below in the comments or on our FB page.  And have a great couple of days.

Round 1 Check-in 1/26/20

Busy is a decision

Debbie Millman, host and founder of Design Matters, the long running design podcast, believes that. and she has a pretty good reason for doing so.  We all make time for things we want to do, even if it’s captured moments in transit or blocked out chunks of time where we immerse ourselves in a particular passion.

Yes, we do have moments where our lives demand our focus shift a bit more than others, but once the emergency passes, do we get back into a pattern or do we find that our priorities have shifted and we find ourselves too busy to go back to those old dreams.

Now that you’ve got a couple of weeks ROWing under your belt, it’s time to start asking the serious questions about those goals you set for yourself.  Are they doing what you want them to do?  Will you achieve your dreams if you keep following the path you’re on, or might you benefit from a slight course correction?

Are you busy?  What have you chosen that makes you so busy?

By the way, here is your linky for this week’s check-in:

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Round 1 Check-in 1/22/20

Writers write

I hope you’ve been having a great Round of Words so far, and that you’ve been meeting (and possibly exceeding) your personal expectations regularly these past few weeks. But even if you haven’t been, remember that it’s more about staying the course and finishing than about who sprang from the gate first. It’s ten weeks of self-improvement and habit-building. More than that, it’s a stepping stone for a life you want, created as you want it to be through your goals each ROWnd.

So how’s it going, folks? Do you feel you’re making solid progress? Have you found your stride, or are you still feeling things out? We have a linky where you can post a URL to your blog check-in. Or, if you’d prefer, you can always post something in our comment below or in our FB group.

Round 1 Check-in 1/19/20


Linky below and active

♦Just a quick post today, folks♦

Apologies first off for not having your linky today, but I’m traveling.  Until I can connect reliably with my computer at home, I don’t have access to our linkytool site and dashboard to post one…  Sorry.

Linky active so you can post your comments and check-ins here as always.  Or you can post your update to the FB page.

We always have options for you here.  It’s YOUR ROW80, after all.

Have a great couple of days!

Round 1 Check-in 1/15/20

The Blank Page? Or not.

Here it is… a new check-in, a new chance to say “I’m doing this!”. It’s not a blank page; it’s an opportunity. It’s chance offering a rose to your muse. It’s a new world to explore.

You know how it is. Writers Write. And the Blank Page is not to be feared but faced with eagerness and curiosity.

Why not let us know how it goes for you, here in the linky, in the comments or on your FB page… You’ve got this, ROWers.