Round 3 Week 3 Wednesday Cheers

Today might be as close to Shan’s favorite ROW80 day possible.  She likes 3s and with today having two of them…  well, that’s pretty awesome.  Come to think of it…  Shan’s pretty awesome herself.  She’s been a ROW80 sponsor for a few years now.  She actively maintains our Facebook page.  And she’s got some great sponsor posts under her belt.

So why not stop by her page and cheer her along on her writing journey.

And when you’re done there…  stop off at our linky and post your progress.


Round 3 Week 2 Sunday

Two weeks in!  The rain is pouring down here; the thunder’s cracking…  and if you’re like me, you’ve got words to write.  Hope they’re good ones and that you’re making great strides on your ROW80 goals.  See you Wednesday 😀

Round 3 Week 1 Sunday

The Blank Page

I thought I has something witty to say, something that might cheer you all on and help you finish this first week of Round 3 off with joy and enthusiasm for the future.

It’s gone now.  Those fleeting thoughts of perceived genius….

Ah, well.  Ideas come and go, and then someday, they come again.  Good practices, writing regularly, tracking one’s goals…  those things will be there to ensure the next great idea doesn’t get a chance to wander off before it makes it to your page.

Until then, there’s the linky.  You can check-in here via the comments or the linky, or you can jump on over to our Facebook page to post things there.

Round 3 Wed-no, Friday Check-in

Well…  this hasn’t been my finest hour as the ROW80 blog-maven.  Sorry, everyone.  I completely lost track of the last few days (there’s been a lot of sheet-rock and plastering going on at my house, and most of my time has been spent chasing dust with a mop and washing).  I sincerely hope your Round of Words has started more smoothly.

That said, I do have a linky for you, if you haven’t already checked in at our Facebook page where Shan has been much more on the ball than me.  Whichever place you choose may your spirits be eager and renewed….  see you Sunday!

Round 2 End of Round Post

Here it is, folks! The moment you have been waiting for…

…well, sort of. Officially, our Round of Words ends tomorrow.  But… since we’re creatures of habit here at the ROW80 (favorite pens, favorite coffee shops, favorite songs…), I figured let’s keep to our Sunday/Wednesday check-in schedule and post the E-o-R today.

You can check-in on Thursday if you’d like.  🙂

For those who are fairly new to the ROW80 and want to know what happens next…  here’s the plan.

  • a ten day “pause” from checking in
  • you post you goals for the upcoming round of words (Goals Posts go live on Mondays mid-break)
  • check-in mid-break if you’d like….  comments will be open for check-ins as will be the FB page (huge thanks to Shan for maintaining that)
  • Round 3 will start on Monday, July 2

That’s all there is to it.

Sounds fun?  Time to start plotting those goals then.

And time to check in…

Round 2 Week 11 Sunday

With five more days to go of Round 2, this seems a perfect opportunity for us all to look ahead toward the upcoming Round 3.  And to look behind as well… We started Round 2 off with a bang, with great plans for what we were going to achieve (see them here). Some of us got a bit side-tracked, but we’ve all kept plugging away, doing the best that we can as we ROWed along, writing words, editing, rewriting, sharing, marketing, then writing and more all over again.

In a bit over a week from now (one day later, to be exact), I’ll be posting the new Goals Post linky for Round 3.  Take this time then to look over what you’ve done and consider what you want to do.

You’ve got it in you to do better than before.

Here is today’s linky. You know the drill:

Round 2 Week 11 Wednesday

Cred: imgblip

How do you all feel about research?  As a writer, do you find joy in hunting down elusive details?  As a reader, do you find layers of depth and meaning in an author’s choice to accurately portray the trodden-bare roads of an ancient Roman outpost?

Or do you find slogging through finely crafted description daunting and even unpleasant?

Do you find it distracts you from your actual writing, or does the added discovery time help you connect more deeply with the characters and their world?

Let us know.

Also, as we head into the homestretch of this Round of Words in 80 Days, it’s once again time to check in and share your progress and you plans.  Feel free to use the linky, the comments or our FB page:

Round 2 Week 10 Sunday

Remember Wednesday when I talked about The End really being a beginning of sorts?  All that editing, marketing, and design …

Those things could be your next priority, but what about those of you who are ready to embark on a whole new ROW80 adventure? How do you see your Round3 starting—with a B.A.N.G. or a slow meandering exploration of possibilities?

Why not both?

The acronym above comes from author and writing coach Jill Dearman as part of her “Bang the Keys” workshop (archive is available on iTunes).

Inspired by Toric legend in which the mystical combination of four Hebrew letters: Yud י, Hei ה, Vav ו, and Hei ה) contain the steps of creation — B. A. N. G. stands for:

  • B is for Begin with your strongest idea.
  • A is for Arrange your material into a concrete form.
  • N is for nurture your project with love, so that others may love it too.
  • G is for complete it, and let it GO out into the world to live independently.

You can get a mini-example of the process here:

Looked like a fun workshop, and the idea of banging on the keys sounds kind of fun and playful…  just the right thing to inspire new words and ideas.  I found about this by reading an old copy of The Writer (July 2009), but the date doesn’t matter…  I think Ms. Dearman was on to something here.

What steps do you follow to reach your creative place as a writer?

Oh…  and before I forget, here is your linky:  Hope to hear great things from you.  🙂

Round 2 Week 10 Wednesday

As we row along toward our goals, the end now tantalizingly close (you can almost see it, just like it’s right there in front of you, can’t you?), please remember to keep writing, creating and planning.  The End is really just a new beginning.

With that in mind, now might be  good time to start thinking about what you want to achieve in the upcoming Round 3.  Summer is coming (at least for those of us in the norther hemisphere); vacations, gardens, dog days…  and words.  Ready for it?

If you’re having trouble thinking of what to do, remember the concept of S.M.A.R.T. goals.  And remember, when you’re looking at all the things you want to get done, to set aside some time to just “be”.  Set aside some time for personal joy.

Your words, and your achievements, will thank you for it.

For now though…  it’s check-in time.  Here at the linky or in the comments or at our FB page.