Round 1 End-of-Round 3/25/20


Hey there, Winners! Yes, I mean you all. All you all! You are winners. Whether you achieved all your goals or had to reassess and recalulate over and over, you made it here.

You finished Round 1.

(Well, technically, the round ends tomorrow, but you know how we are here at the ROW80… we like to get in there ahead of the crowd. 🙂 )

Why not let us cheer with you. Post your progress in the comments below or on our FB page.


End of Round 3 Check-in

Remember Sunday’s vague post…  how discombobulated it was?

Well, turns out, I was even more at a loss that I’d suspected.  Today (well, technically tomorrow), ends our current Round of Words in 80 Days!

Yep, I really was that out of things these past few weeks.

Hopefully all of you have still been prepping yourself for new adventures in creativity (and those less inspired tasks that support our passions).  Round 3 is now done, but we still have Round 4 to look forward to in 10 days from now.

Are you ready?  If no, you’re not the only one.  But together we can make it into a great experience.

What are your plans?