End of Round 3 Post

Yes, I know that officially Round 3 ends on Thursday, but since we always do out check-in posts on Sundays and Wednesdays, here’s your Heads Up! post.  And while I’m here to update you, let me add a thought for Round 4 and life in general.

As I posted last Wednesday, I’ve been reading Ungifted by Scott Kaufman.  I borrowed it from the library after seeing it quoted in a classroom discussion in a theory of modern education systems MOOC.  The discussion revolved around labels, those given to us and those we give ourselves.  Which matters most?  According to the book so far *, both really, but the labels we accept for ourselves have the greatest power.  They are what inspire and motivate us into creating that reality.  How we do that is pretty interesting to…  it’s not so much a positive affirmation thing (though those can help) as our willingness to think through and act on our expectations of ourselves.

As I asked you last week…  are you inspired?  What does your inspiration tell you about yourself?  And what are you going to do about it?

Think about these questions as you close out your goals for this last day of Round 3.  Round 4 starts October 2nd, and our goal post goes up this Sunday, where you can share all at our linky (or our friendly FB page):

  • it’s a very information-rich book, and with my crazy schedule, I’m moving through it slower than I’d like

Round 3 Sunday Check-in 8

Did you hear that?


There it is again…  the sound of Time racing past.  I mean, seriously…  that gal has some serious track shoes on.

Here in the great Northeast as we call it, summer is pretty much done.  Oh, there will be a few small bursts of warm weather as fall coasts in, but the balmy, so-called “lazy days” are over for another year.

Changes in seasons, at least for me, seem to urge personal changes.  I’m starting to look over my recent months and how well I’ve maintained my goals, looking for improvements and places I should consider a new track.  It’s a good time to do so.  We have plenty of time left in this Round of Words to finish with a bang.

So, whether you’re happy with things as they are or ready to make some changes along with the weather, tell us at the linky or on our Facebook page:

Round 3 Wednesday Check-in 8

Salutations and Deferrals!

For the past few months I’ve been working behind the scenes to make some changes in what the ROW80 can provide for its community.  I’ve also been running around a bit cray-cray for my son’s plethora of activities.  No biggie really—it’s summer.  It’s what we do.

That said, the cray-cray has kept my head busy and not always on top of blog updates.  Yeah… the roll out of the Resources pages is taking a lot longer than I hoped.  Part of the delay is the table format I wanted to utilize won’t work with our present page format, and I need to shop around for a new style that ‘feels right’ and functions with the changes.

As much as I’ve taken over the ROW80 blog part, I still feel that it is very much Kait Nolan’s baby.  I’m leery of making too many drastic changes all at once.  Truth is though, once these things go into effect, things are going to look and feel different no matter what.

For my comfort, I need to take longer than originally planned.  I am going to wait longer even than that.

New Year, New Blog…  that’s my new motto.

Hope you all don’t mind the wait.  Even more I hope the changes will be worth it for you.

For the time being though, why not share your progress at the linky:

Round 3 Wednesday Check-in 6

Be Prepared In Cases of “Busy”

No matter where you are in your writing (and daily) life, why not take a moment to tell us at the linky:

And then…

Today, I visited the dealership for some regular maintenance on our car.  Being one of the few days this summer I didn’t have to drive my son to an activity or half-way across the state to help family, I decided to take stay safe and ready for what may come.  I depend a lot on this vehicle to get me through the weeks and months… It has been an especially busy summer for me.  A very good summer, but a busy one.

I mention this because…  if you’re at all like me, “busy” takes over, often without my realizing it, and that leads to disasters.

I have managed to keep control of Busy when it comes to our vehicles, ensuring they are safe when I get on the road each day.  I’ve been less careful with my electronic life…  yes, the anti-malware and anti-virus programs remain up to date, and I regularly scan phones and computers for issues.  I’m a bit less careful when it comes to my hardware…  some of which could, in absolute generosity, be called archaic. Old hardware, hardware exposed to dust or frequent electrical “brown-outs”, hardware that has been used well…  These things can break down.

Not that newer (or more expensive) necessarily equates to better!  I’ve seen machines die a day after their warranty expires.  I’ve dealt with cut-rate computers, handed out as Black Friday “door busters”† that have lasted 20 years now.  One of them ran as our household server for over 15 years, and was only turned off because it couldn’t support the newer hard drive types.

To be more specific, that computer was turned off because of Busy.  The machine still ran (and still runs) fine, but Busy had taken charge and we never found time to order a part it needed to run a backup drive.  Eventually, after years of regular writing and reading of files, the hard drive started accumulating what are called read-write (I/O) errors.   Until one day, we lost access to nearly eight years of family pictures, stories, and records.

Hard drive (aka data) recovery is expensive stuff, usually involving laboratory settings like clean-rooms and people in full body suits.  In our case, it involved learning to translate a lot of Polish and Russian manuals‡; having a second, nearly identical hard drive (sequential serial numbers!); and a LOT of luck, panic and desperation.

Once we got what we could back (we did lose stuff)…  we initiated new measures to keep better care of that part of our world, including a shiny, new server with three hard drives that mirror each other daily and regular maintenance checks of our hardware.

What are you doing to protect your electronic treasures?  Your writing, your story bibles, your character-inspiration pictures?  And all those even more personal images and files that make your life?  There are a lot of options, from clouds to flash drives to whole secondary computer systems.  Each works, though not always for all people.  New options are being created regularly.

If you have a favorite, why not share yours for our upcoming “Writers’ Resources” pages.  Let’s help each other keep each other writing safely.  😀

† — those overstock items the stores couldn’t sell all year and used as promotional freebies to get people in the building in hopes they’d spend money on some real merchandise because the freebies were all gone

‡ — a semester of college Russian was not enough prep for this

Round 2 10th Sunday Check-in

Looks like we’re still having some technical difficulties here at the blog with our linky-tool.  Please, let me know at the comments if something isn’t quite right, so I can try to fix it (though…  not this evening, but soonish).  Otherwise…  leave us a linky to your blog so we can come over, say “hi” and see how you’re doing.

And have a happy, sun-shiny Sunday! 🙂