Kim Knox

5,000 Words A Day by Kim Knox

Okay is your heart beating hard?  Is there a quick sweat breaking out on your forehead? Yes?

Mine too.

There are some very fortunate writers who can rack up a daily total like that.  They set the bar high and there’s the gut-twisting feeling that’s what you should be writing.  Get the words down in vast quantities, that’s the way to do it.

I wish.

It’s fantastic for those who can. I can’t.

I struggle with my 1k a day.  Sometimes it’s 500.  On the days when my two boys are the Spawn of Satan, it’s none.

I try not to beat myself up about it. (Yes, the 5k a day guilt gets to me sometimes) but when I have days when writing is like sticking pins in my eyes I do something related to it instead.  Even if it’s being attacked by yet another aggressive plot bunny and taking down the details.  I also plot or I read my current wip — or another wip, there are lots — I refill the well with books, I get naughty and read fanfiction.  I’ll admit that’s my illicit joy.  I can’t write it, which is probably for the best though.

Every day I aim to do something.

So my advice is really try not to measure yourself against the writing quantities of others. Find the method and quantity that works for you and run with it.

Now I’m going to resist the lure of Wolverine and Rogue and get back to my wip.  Well. I’ll try…




Kim Knox