Double Oops, Round 1 Check-in

cred. Tenor

Yep.. sorry, I missed a few check-ins. Been icky, icky sick and when it came down to it, blogging was not all that high on my get-well priority list.

As I imagine it isn’t usually for you ROWers either. When it comes to self-care, writers can be an odd lot, but we know we need to do certain things to maintain our mental prowess. Sometimes it’s reading, or journaling… or, in my case, sleeping under a lot of blankets and drinking warm herbal tea for a couple of days in a very dark room (no lights please… they really hurt).

But I digress. It’s easy to let things slide when we’re trying to achieve our dreams. Little things first, but then more stuff gets se aside. And it does give one cause to consider one’s focus. Not making the weekly check-in or blogging less than planned might not be that bg of a deal in the long term, but when one finds her- or himself doing this sort of thing regularly, it might be cause to reassess those beginning of the ROWnd goals.

Have you wondered if you need to reassess your goals? What do you think you’ll be doing from now on?

Tell us below or on our FB page. Sorry, no linky today. That involves some computer magic just don’t have the energy for at the moment.


Round 4 Check-in Oct 6, 2019

This is….  late.  Very, very late…  I should have posted Wednesday, but…

Life Happened

But hey, the ROW80 is the Challenge That Knows You Have a Life, and so we move on to a glorious Round of Words in 80 Days, never grumbling about the the small mix ups.  It’s the effort we put forth to improve our futures that matters the most.  And we’ve got that in the bag.

So…  as always, tell us about how you’re doing so we can cheer you on.  Here, in the comments or on the FB page.

Oops! Round 3 Check-in 7/14/19

Mea Culpa!

Hello and apologies, fellow ROWers.  This has been an odd week for me, and Time has played a few tricks on me as well.  I missed posting our check-in last night because of messed up sleep.

It’s here now, though.  Hopefully my discombobulation won’t mess with you or your progress too much.  Let us know how it’s going, folks.  You can leave a comment here, a link or post your progress in the FB threads for our challenge.

Round 4 Check-in 15

Mea Culpa

I’m so sorry, ROWers! Between death by a thousand papercuts (my husband’s name for when one suddenly is landed with a bunch of little errands—often requiring little trips in several directions) and having a blow out migraine on top of a head cold, I was just not with it last night and totally forgot to post the linky.

Hopefully that didn’t slow you all down and now that our amazing Shan Jeniah has alerted me (she already posted a link for you to use on the Facebook Page)…  here you go, a brand new progress linky.

Hope you have an amazing week!

Round 2 10th Wednesday Check-in

Yes, I know what I said Sunday…  but come to find out (after a small discussion over salad with Shan Jeniah, one of our FB page admins), I had been right with my numbering all along.  I just was messed up because somewhere in all the chaos that is my head (image is accurate representation), I was thinking that a round of 80 days should somehow equate to 10 weeks.  Yeah…  I used to be so good at math too.  :-/

Anyway, for all the other screw-ups I’ve made lately, I do know I’m right about this…  it’s time for another check-in linky (and yes, I know what I did wrong with the last one, and we shouldn’t see that happen again).  So here you go.  A happy little blue froggie just waiting for you to visit and share your progress.

Have a great Wednesday!

Round 2 (2nd) 8th Check-in

Did someone say “Wibbly Wobbly”?

I really don’t know how it happened, but somehow the counter and I just don’t speak the same language.  So according to the counter, we still have one more week to this Round of Words.  Great news for those of us who might be a bit frustrated with our progress (or in my case, my near-lack of progress) with words.  It might even be a relief to those of you who are doing great and don’t really want to lose momentum during our week-long break between rounds.

Either way… THIS is now the end of the 8th week of Round 2 (which of course means, we’re going to have another Wednesday “week 9” check-in too…  Yeah, it seems time travel is a thing).  That means a whole new linky and more chances to write, write, write (and edit and market and…  you know). Whatever you’ve got going, tell all at the linky. (or at least as much as you’re comfortable sharing)

Warning…  this week’s linky is really acting up.  You can try it, but if you want, feel free to leave your progress in the comments section or at our FB page for this check-in: