Round 1 Check-in 3/15/20

(Courtesy of Guy Smiley’s Guts)

For history buffs and their very creative counterparts (like, maybe Shakespeare or someone like that 😉 ), today is a great day for writing and connecting and… planning (though I imagine for the conspirators that killed Caesar, that was done a few days or weeks prior).  It’s a well known day for stories of all kinds, truth and…  well usually NOT the truth. (Like what really happened to Caesar….)

And this is a good thing, ROWers.  It shows that your mistakes don’t mean as much as your ability to get back to your project and produce it, produce it, produce….  Basically, you define the story you want people to most remember about you.  You define what YOU want to remember and know about you.  Step by step, challenge after challenge…  round after round.

As we start looking toward the end of this Round of Words (we’re done on the 26th, folks, so it’s coming soon), we should start looking at what we’ve accomplished and what we still want to focus our energies on in Round Two.  Remember that the end of one 80 day adventure just means you can start the next ROWnd with a shift in focus and a sense of refreshment…  even if you’re working on the same projects as you’ve been working on for the past couple of years.

So…  start thinking about what’s to come, what you’ve accomplished…  what you most enjoyed about your ROW80, and what you’d prefer to tweak a little.

And while you’re doing that, you may want to check-in for the moment and let the rest of us know how you’re doing.

Here’s your linky:


Round 1 Check-in 3/8/20

It’s all timing! (courtesy Ray Massey/GettyImages)

Another week over… we’re heading toward the end of this Round of Words. How do you feel about your progress over these past months?  Have you made strides?  Does your progress feel more like the Cha-cha than a marathon?

Don’t be embarrassed if your dance steps are a bit awkward…  you’re moving.  You’re doing!


So don’t hold back.  Tell us all your best moves in the comments below or in our FB group.  Sorry, no linky today…  a bit of international espionage took down our home computers for the near future.  😦

Round 1 Check-in March 1, 2020

Good Morning!
Hello all you wonderful creative people you!

It’s that time again, time to share our progress and check-in with our fellow ROWers so we can all cheer each other on to personal achievement.


Good! Drop us a line or two (or a link to your blog). And to help you do that, here’s the linky!

Round 1 Check-in2/26/20

It’s time for another check-in, ROWers!  Ready….  or not. Deadlines, personal challenges…  and you…  you shouldn’t wait either.  There’s a whole wide world of inspiration and ideas, things to discover and share with others.  And you?  You have that magical chance to be the one to do it.  But only if you’re working toward that goal, only if you are moving forward toward your goals, ROWing along that (sometimes) rough water, taking in the great scenery…

Yeah…  You’ve got this.  Keep doing what you’re doing, but why not take a moment from your schedule to let us all know how things have been progressing?  You can leave comments here below or on our linky or even at our FB page.

And also a huge Thank You Very Much to Kathy  Waller from the Ink Stained Wretches for the shout out (and jumping in to join our friendly crew).  You all may wish to check out the other group in Kathy’s post, the Friday Fictioneers for some practice and inspiration with short fiction.

Round 1 Check-in 2/23/20

Hello, ROWers! It’s Sunday. Time for another “How’s life?’Row80 check-in. Have the words been treating all y’all well this week? Are you feeling creativity bursting within you?

Or, are you finding it’s not so easy to get the words out of your brain and onto the page?

Whichever point you may be at, let us know. As always, in the comments or the linky below. Or for you Social Media fans, we have an FB group and you can post to the #ROW80 hashtag on Twitter.

Round 1 Check-in 2/5/20

We’re MORE than halfway… so yeah, you CAN do it!

Halfway there… it happens when you decide you are going to do something, when you decide to become an active participant in achieving your dreams. You made this happen. You chose to write, to create… to become more of the person you dreamed of being.

And now we’d love for you to share how that feels with us. Here’s your linky. Toss us some news of how this grand step feels, here or on our FB page.

Round 1 Check-in 1/22/20

Writers write

I hope you’ve been having a great Round of Words so far, and that you’ve been meeting (and possibly exceeding) your personal expectations regularly these past few weeks. But even if you haven’t been, remember that it’s more about staying the course and finishing than about who sprang from the gate first. It’s ten weeks of self-improvement and habit-building. More than that, it’s a stepping stone for a life you want, created as you want it to be through your goals each ROWnd.

So how’s it going, folks? Do you feel you’re making solid progress? Have you found your stride, or are you still feeling things out? We have a linky where you can post a URL to your blog check-in. Or, if you’d prefer, you can always post something in our comment below or in our FB group.

Round 4 Check-in 11/13/19

Playful Puppies Windows theme: Microsoft

These days our yard looks less green than brown, but the leaves are still falling and the neighbors’ dogs are still having fun bounding through the piles of them.  It’s the end of a season, and the middle of writing time for many of us.

Are you ROWers doing NaNoWriMo?

Even if you aren’t, are you still taking time out every day to work on your dreams?  (That is, from everything I’ve been told, the best way to achieve them.  🙂 )

Let us know in the comments or in our FB thread.  And have a great couple of days.

Round 3 Check-in Sept 15

cred. Tenor’

Ah, um, oh ….

I know I’m supposed to be cheering you all on for the upcoming week but. . . Well, forgive me. I’m not quite with it this week,

That doesn’t mean you can’t share your news. Would love to hear from you all!  Just forgive me my scatterbrains.

As always, you can leave comments, links or respond in our FB thread.