Round 3 Week 10 Wednesday

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Happy Wednesday… hope you all are feeling energized with progress and creativity today.  Let us know in the comments, good or ill (hopefully good, of course, but even if not, we’d like to know so we can be here for you).


Round 1 Week 7 Sunday

Another week over!  A busy, busy one for some.  Still our writing prompt (poetry this time) seems to have sparked some inspiration and thought in our members.  Even a lovely haiku…  Why not check and see what you can come up with… some words, some whimsy…  it’s all good.

And as it’s time for our bi-weekly check-in, remember to feel free to leave a link to your post or just your progress in the comments, at our FB group, or (my personal favorite) at the linky below.

Round 1 Week 5 Sunday

Creeping up on that halfway mark, and I don’t know about you, but I need to get writing or I might just have to think that a writing challenge isn’t quite the thing for me.

Since I haven’t seen sign that people posted flash fiction pieces for our prompt a week and a half ago (which is fine…  I didn’t post one either; flash fiction isn’t my usual “thing”), I’m changing plans about posting links to make it easier to see these posts on Wednesday.  No links, no need… (if you want me to mention your post, you can let me know via the comments or email mousefir (at) Gmail (dot) com)

Tomorrow will be our February sponsor post by Elizabeth Mitchell.  Please come back and visit her (and check in with your fellow ROWers).

For now, here’s today’s check-in linky.  As usual you can post your progress here (just click on the froggie), in the comments or at our FB page.

Have a great couple of days!

Round 1 Week 4 Sunday

Another Sunday…  news to share, stories to tell (did anyone write a piece of flash fiction to go with the prompt Wednesdayy?), and time to assess our progress as we ROW merrily along in our writing and creative lives.

As always, leave us a link or message with your progress at the blue froggie or comments below, or even on our FB page:

Round 1 Week 3 Sunday


are you reading?

One of the things that helps inspire writing is reading other people’s creative efforts.  Some of us post our reading lists in our check-ins, some maintain hefty Goodreads stacks…  some are on a first-name basis with several librarians (some of those who have your email and/or phone number memorized ⌈looks askance⌉).

Why not share some of your favorite reads (yeah, books on craft would definitely be welcome too) in your check-in today?  We’d love to hear from you  here in the comments, at our FB page, or at the linky below (or all three if you’d like):

Round 1 1st Wednesday Check-in

As always, the first check-in of a round can feel a bit… well, pointless might be a good word.  It’s not as if we’ve had time to make serious strides on our goals, nor have we had a chance to see what is working or what isn’t yet… not really.

Thing is, it is important to take stock regularly.  Everyday can be perfect for some people.  Others manage just fine with a once-a-week or monthly schedule.  It’s the consistency that matters.  And…  it also helps to not wait too long before the first review.  The sooner the first chance you take to check in on yourself, the sooner you can see if things are working or not.

The sooner you can figure out if the path you’re on will get you where you are trying to go, or if you’ll have to backtrack a mile or more to find the right exit on the expressway.

Not that missing a turn is always a bad thing either.  Sometimes there are new and fascinating discoveries to be made.

Even then, it helps to know where you were intending to go and how far afield you might be.

So here it is, the first check-in and first linky of a new year.  May you be exactly where you want to be, whether you’re right on target or meandering peacefully for a moment or two.

Oh, and here is a lovely advice/opinion piece a fellow writer from the Facebook iWriteNetwork group posted with an eye to the journey and what it means to be a writer…    Roxanne Gay: Advice to Aspiring Dreamers

Round 4 Check-in 18

Hey there….

I see you peeking.

It’s okay, really.  It’s just it’s Sunday, that’s all.  Hope I didn’t disturb you too much, but since you’re awake now, why don’t you get that check-in post you’ve been writing in your head the last two days on the page?  (Yeah, I know November was a busy month, but look how much you accomplished!  Don’t you want to celebrate that?)

Rest well, but let us know about all your awesome progress via the linky or on our FB page (or as our awesome sponsor, Shan Jeniah says, both!):

Round 4 Check-in 17

As Shan Jeniah noted on our Facebook page, we’re now well past the half-way point and heading into Week 9 of this Round of Words.  Time to start looking at how things have been going and shift focus if necessary to end this year and this ROWnd out with a bang.  And maybe time to even peek into the future to see what the next ROW80 could bring…

Whatever your state of being is at the moment, why not take a few minutes to let us know how you’ve been doing—here or on the FB page—so we can help cheer you on toward a climatic finale.

Round 4 Check-in 16

cred Pixabay


Well, at least here in the US, that’s what a turkey might say this weekend, now that national feasting day (otherwise known as Thanksgiving) is done.  For us more featherless peeps, it’s a bit more stressful.  But there are little celebrations going on here and there…  Hopefully you are already planning yours.  And if not…

Well, why not tell us at the linky?

Round 4 Check-in 6

Just a little reminder that we’re half-way through our third week of this round of words…  it’s bound to be a busy one.

Just our of curiosity: is anyone here also doing the NaNoWriMo in November?  Tell us about your project.  Will you be going full-tilt WriMo or will you be a NaNoRebel (as I will)?  Either way, You know what a huge commitment that challenge is.  Foryunatelu you’ve got the ROW80 on your side to make it work.  Not only do we know you have a life, but we’re here to help keep you afloat when the moment takes over and you cannot resist trying to do that “one more thing”.

Or have to add that extra 1K to your daily wordcount….

You’ve got this, and we’ve got your back while you do.

Let us know what your plans and progress are at the linky: