Round 1

Sunday Check-in Week 10

I have nothing inspirational for you today.  Right now, I am lying on my couch trying to set this up on my tablet with my foot elevated and running a fever (after the medicine),  Wish I knew exactly what I did, but….  nope, not a clue.

Since we are now in week 10, it is time to think of goals and plans for next round.  For now let’s just share our progress,


Wednesday Check-in Week 9

See this?

Courtesy of Wikipedia

This is you.  This is me too.  It is a rough diamond in the matrix of other stones that diamonds are normally found in.  It is one of the rarest gems out there.  It is beautiful, bright, shiny…  and it is hard, strong—unbreakable.  It has been forged under great pressure over a long (very long!) time.  That’s why, here at the ROW80, we “challenge” ourselves daily 80 days per round, four rounds a year—because it takes more than pressure to make something as amazing as a diamond.  It takes time and the right environment too.

Part of what makes the ROW80 such a wonderful environment is our supportive community.  It’s not just about checking in, but also about visiting other ROWers and supporting them.  We even have #row80 sprints on Twitter to connect and socialize.

And of course, we have goals….  how are you doing on yours?

Let us know at the little blue froggie:

Sunday Check-in Week 9

Late again, but here… Been thinking about the upcoming ROWnd 2 a bit more than what is left of this one. Which is not doing me any favors, it seems.

A local Zen teacher/friend of mine says, “A lot of our problems come from not being present in the moment.”  This is one definite example of that.

And yet, it is time to start thinking of what you want to achieve in the next Round of Words.  Maybe the New Year excitement got to you and you set your bar so high that you’ve raced to stay afloat.  Maybe you set it so low because you had iffy progress in previous years and now you really want to challenge yourself.

Whatever you want to share with us, future goals, present progress… here is the link to use today:

Wednesday Check-in Week 8

In addition to posting the linky for today’s check-in, I have a question for you.

I’m looking to set up a Reference Page for Writers here on the ROW80 blog, with link categories that include writing software, other writing support groups, writing sprint groups/links, professional organizations, etc.  Are these categories that would be of any use to you all?  Would you like any other categories?  If so, what ones?

Let me know in the comments below.

Oh, and add you link to the little blue frog:

Sunday Check-in Week 8

It's perpetualIt’s perpetual.

As you can see, things are still in that odd development stage that happens when power transitions from one person to another. Last Wednesday, I forgot to clean the linky pool and people were able to see their old posts. Today, I forgot the date and didn’t post for you all to check in until Shan Jeniah messaged me.

Like this blog, I too am a Work In Progress. I think I rather like it that way, even if it does mean some snags along the way.

Still, feel free to add your links to the linky:

Sunday Check-in Week 7


Sometimes you need more than just a desire to achieve…  which is exactly why Kait Nolan created the ROW80 a few years ago.   The steps work, but #4 requires one extra bit…  the sharing of progress.  Because how can we support each other if we don’t know where we’re at in our various journeys?

So, here it is again, another check-in, a chance to give and get support from your fellow ROW80 members.  Even if you’ve been behind for a while, a lax member whose been afraid to check-in because saying “no real progress” over and over again feels self-defeating…  stop in, check in, and begin again.  Today is a brand new day to build your dreams.

The linky:

Wednesday Check-in Week 6

The days and weeks are flying by as if being chased by the storms of…  well, if you’re in northeastern America, the Storms of Winter are drastic enough.  There’s a good 18 inches of snow on my deck table today, and we have more snow coming tomorrow according to the weatherpeeps.  Sounds like a good time to snuggle in with a cuppa and some words.  And speaking of words…  how are yours coming along?

Let us know at the froggie:

Sunday Check-In Week 6

Annnd… another week down. The End of Round 1 is getting closer and closer, and that means it’s time to start thinking about new goals and about calmly assessing how we’re doing so far. It’s also time to check-in with our fellow ROWers for support, encouragement and for the fun of it. As usual, you have a few ways to share your progress:

No matter how you reach out, you’ll find friendly, supportive writers out there.  There will be none of this…  mostly.  😀


Ready to check in? Go ahead and click…

Wednesday Check-in Week 5

We’re nearing the halfway point! How is everyone doing? Making clear strides toward your goals? Feeling like you could use a little extra nudge forward? Just ambling along?

No matter where you’re at, here’s the place to tell us all about it. Just add your link to the little froggie.

And while we’re at it, a small survey of sorts (leave comments below). Is there anything I could add to the website that you feel would be a help to our writing community? Would you like a page listing writing resources? Writing-related blog hops? Inspirational posts of the kind we used to run here (I do have something in the works for that coming)….

Please, let me know. This is your ROW80 too.